Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding Trees in Arkansas

On Monday, Travis and I worked outside from 8:00 until 10:30.  We fed six of our fruit trees using the methods I learned at the Clohesy River Health Farm.  We mowed down to the dirt around each tree, then applied rock phosphate....the closest thing I could find in our little town to the ground lava rock that we used in Australia.  Next we applied fertilizer, compost, and cedar mulch.  We ran out of mulch before we did the last tree, so we will put the mulch on it later.  We watered each tree for about 30 minutes, but it looks like rain is coming soon, so hopefully they will get a really good watering soon.

An apple tree after being fed.

A view from the deck of the trees we fed.
For lunch I got some kale out of the garden.  Green smoothies were made using the kale, bananas, dates, grapes and water.  This is my favorite green smoothie recipe.  Sometimes I will substitute a different fruit for the grapes.  We also had watermelon, pear, apple, coconut, avocado, almonds, and  a little melon we bought at the farmers market.  I can't remember the name of it, but it tastes like a tangy canteloupe.  It was about the size of a tennis ball.

Just as Travis and I sat down to eat our lunch the doorbell rang.  It was our mail delivery person with the long lost box I mailed from Australia three weeks ago.  The Australian post office charged me $156.75 for one week delivery.  A sticker on the box said it was received in Amarillo, TX in damaged condition due to inclement weather.  But at least it made it.  It had almost all my dresses in it.

In my Natural Hygiene Course the lesson in Philosophy of Nature Cure was about The Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Part Two).  I sent my completed lesson to John....and bragged to him about feeding our trees!  

Perfect cleanliness is necessary, both inside and outside the body.  Kuhne said, "Health is cleanliness."  Anything that interferes with the circulation of the vital fluids and nerve currents creates disease.

We must abstain from everything that is harmful in food and drink in order to relieve the cells of unnecessary work.

I practiced my flute for a little while.  Hopefully, Harriet Reynolds will take me back on as a pupil.  Maybe I can get good enough to play in the New Horizons Band in 2012.

Karen Knowler is a raw food coach that lives in the U.K.  I worked with her during 2011.  It wasn't the best year for me to decide to work with her because of doing the internship in Australia.  I wasn't able to give her suggestions the attention they deserved, and I wasn't able to participate in some of the live coaching.  But her office sent an email with links to all the calls from the Extrawdinary Diet part of the coaching.  I downloaded all of them and saved them on my computer so they can be listened to again.  That is fantastic.  I hope they will do the same thing with the Extrawdinary Life part of the program.

For supper I had hummus, tabouli, baby carrots, mushroom, cucumber, chopped up onion and tomato, and raw peanuts.  Travis had a baked sweet potato.

I am reading a book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.  It is a fable about a high-powered lawyer who had a spiritual crisis.

To health and happiness.

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