Monday, October 31, 2011

Cast Down But Not Destroyed

Last night I fell asleep at 7:30 with my light on.  I got up at 12:30 and turned off the light.  Then I got up at 5:30 thirsty and with a slight head-ache....but I got to feeling good right away.  I read seven of my Bible chapters first thing.

My Mom is out of ICU and in a regular room.  Word is she is doing better and is fussing at the staff.  Maybe she will get to go home in a couple of days.

I mowed grass today from 7:50 until 10:30.  I picked up yellow sapotes that had fallen off the tree.

While mowing, I thought about a song we sing at church. I was reminded of this song when I saw where the little yellow flowers I mowed down yesterday were already back again.  I also thought about the lyrics in connection with my Mom's latest struggle with pneumonia.

Now to thy praise, eternal King be all my thoughts employed, While of this precious truth I sing, cast down but not destroyed......Oft the united powers of hell my soul has sore annoyed, And yet I live this truth to tell, cast down but not destroyed....In all the paths through which I've passed what mercies I've enjoyed, And this shall be my song at last, cast down but not destroyed....When I with God in heaven appear there I shall him adore, Destroyed shall be my sin and fear and I cast down no more.

The kookaburra came out to watch me mow again.  He got a few treats.

John and I prepared lunch.  Ian joined us to eat.  Lunch was papaya, avocado, banana with macadamia nut spread, sapadilla, mango, purple star apple, young coconut water, young coconut meat, and grated coconut.

No word about Mom after lunch.  I sent John my room and board for November via PayPal.  I knitted a little bit on Ken's cap.  I'm trying to make my tension a little tighter so the cap won't be so darn big.    I read two more Bible chapters.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00....Limit your intake of any commercially grown citrus.  It will never ripen.  Only organically grown citrus will ripen.

Eat fresh and raw only.  Fresh and raw require the least amount of energy for the body to digest...leaving more energy for healing and regeneration.

The natural cellular action of the body in every phase is to move towards homeostasis...balance...which is health.  This is going on all the time.  But if the body is having to deal with waste matter just to keep you alive, it doesn't have the energy available to regenerate.

A fire requires a good draft.  To enable the blood and lymph to flow through the body as it should requires activity.  Lymph action becomes less when you are sleeping or inactive.  Exercise and deep breathing enable that action to take place.  Leg muscles are your second heart.  All of our cellular structure is being bathed in mucous as it comes in to carry away waste.  Lymph, venous blood, and the mucous membranes work to eliminate waste.  If you are not active, this stream will slow down and waste accumulates.

If you don't get enough sunlight then you are not able to metabolize properly the foods you are eating.

Worry, anger and fear activate the adrenal glands.  This shortens your life based on how much you activate them.  If the body is dealing with emotional problems, it withdraws its ability to properly handle digestion and other functions.

Fasting 18 hours per day allows your body to best metabolize the food.  Only eat between noon and 6:00 p.m.

Purchased vitamins are a minor drug.  Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.  Problem is, ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C.  We don't know what vitamin C is.  Same thing for the other vitamins.  We only know what we think the chemical equivalent of the vitamins are.  Fruits, vegetables, sunlight, etc. are complete and non-harmful sources of vitamins.

A tumor is an accumulation of toxic waste matter.  If you don't stop doing what caused the accumulation, the problem gets worse.  Medicine never deals with the cause.  It only deals with the effect.  Addressing the cause always requires addressing the lifestyle.

I practiced the flute, then finished my Bible chapters.  My Natural Hygiene lesson in the Philosophy of Nature Cure is about the treatment of chronic disease (part two).

Supper was tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.  We had jackfruit for dessert.  It tastes like bubblegum, and you can not chew it up.  You just have to swallow it.  You have to use olive oil to get it off your hands, because water will not take it off.  Not my favorite.
The question at the dinner table ....What is love?  My final answer was that love is a commitment to someone for their good.  I know that doesn't touch the surface of all that love is, but it is a start.  We all agreed that to truly love someone you must be a whole person in your own right and not be "needy".

Ian and I watched a Dan McDonald video on Starting a Raw Food Diet.  I showed Ian pictures on my Facebook of John's visit to my house last May and a video I made of Travis and me driving to Old Union.

I was surprised tonight with trick or treaters!  Halloween is not celebrated much in Australia.  Tina brought her two kids and four other kids from the neighborhood by to trick or treat.  I didn't have any candy, but I gave each child a package of kangaroo tattoos.  They liked them!  They were headed up to John's house next.  Maybe he gave them bananas.

To health and happiness.

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