Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeding Blueberries and Fruit Trees

Today was a beautiful day.  It got up to 73 degrees.  It was a perfect gardening morning.  I cleared around four fruit trees and two blueberry bushes.  A couple of them I cleared out with a hoe, and the others I mowed around with the lawn mower the way John Fielder taught me in Australia.  We fed two blackberries and an apple tree with Ironite mineral rocks, fertilizer, compost and mulch.  The others will have to wait for another day.
Travis is applying the mulch around the apple tree.

Blueberry bush all fed and mulched.
 Travis picked up compost free of charge from our city compost facility.  It is free to residents that load it themselves.    He got mulch from the POA of Hot Springs Village.  They are grinding all the trees that were uprooted during the tornado last year and offering it to the residents at no charge.
Compost from the city compost facility.

Mulch from the POA made from trees blown down during the tornado.
The best way to improve health is by working or playing outside, walking, relaxing, eating mostly raw foods, and fasting when indicated.   This is the Natural Hygiene way.   Natural Hygiene achieves excellent results without dangerous complications and side-effects.

The suppression of symptoms with drugs appears to bring relief, but it comes with a price.  The cause is not addressed and the problem will re-appear later in a more serious form.

Co-operating with Nature helps in creating a successful life.  Good nutrition is important.  The food should be in its natural state, and it should be raised in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

To health and happiness.

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