Friday, February 3, 2012

Tired Horse

I like my new stainless steel water bottle.  Travis ordered one for each of us from Sportsman's Guide.  The name of the water bottle is R3...refuse, reuse, recycle.  Drinking from stainless steel is healthier than drinking from a plastic bottle.  I seldom buy bottled water any more because of the plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills.   
New stainless steel water bottle.

I potted some sage and parsley.  The herbs have all been moved out of the future strawberry bed now.  

Travis and I bought an full-size electric keyboard for both of our children's homes.  At Molly's house Braeden is the primary user.  He's pretty good.  Harris' family just received theirs today.  Caleb has it set up in his room.  I expect he will be playing good, too, before long.

Lunch:  Green smoothie, watermelon, avocado, goodie balls, and walnuts

Travis and Arthur went to Little Rock to visit Karl today so I had to make my own green smoothie.  I used romaine, lemon juice, apple, orange, passion fruit, banana, date, and water.

Dinner:  Veggie cocktail (carrot, celery, beet); leftover salad (added more mushrooms, cucumber and tomato); salad dressing; avocado; sauerkraut; almonds; steamed cabbage seasoned with butter and Bragg's seasoning; baby carrots with sesame butter.

When you start to follow a simple, natural lifestyle you can expect a healing crisis.  Healing crises are acute illnesses caused when nature's healing forces get the ascendancy over disease conditions.  These healing crises are forms of elimination.  They can take the form of colds, discharges, hemorrhoids, boils, ulcers, abscesses, open sores, skin eruptions, diarrhea, hemorrhages, sweating, and other acute conditions.   A healing crisis always tends toward recovery.

More thoughts from The Quintessence of Natural Living...
Tonics and tiredness go together.  Instead of always looking for a cure, it is better to stop building disease.

The tired animal rests.  The tired man takes a stimulant.  The stimulant appears to work only because it is dragging out the last ounce of reserve energy.  It does not add energy or help to remove built up waste matter.  

The stimulation is always followed by weakness.  Smoking, coffee, tea, chocolate, spices and alcohol at first stimulate but weakness follows.

When we feel tired or weak, we don't need to expend our reserve power by taking a stimulant.  It's better to rest until we recuperate.

Taking stimulants deadens the nerves.  It is like whipping the tired horse until it drops dead with exhaustion.

To health and happiness.

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