Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today is Molly's Birthday

Today is my daughter Molly's birthday.  It was a perfectly beautiful day for her celebration.  I called her to wish her Happy Birthday, but I won't get to see her until tomorrow.   She wants a camera for her birthday, but she hasn't picked it out yet.  Once she picks it out, we'll contribute towards it.
Happy Birthday, Molly.
It was a nice spring-like day to work outside.  I finished mowing around the plants around the arbor.  Travis had picked up some more Ironite Mineral Supplement.  The minerals are the first step in feeding the plants.  I put the Ironite around three trees and the berry arbor.   I'll put the fertilizer, compost and mulch around them next chance I get to work in the garden.
I mowed around the berry plants around the arbor.

Ironite Mineral Supplement

First step in feeding the plants....Minerals.
 Today was Travis' day with Karl and Arthur.  He and Arthur went to Little Rock today to meet Karl.  That means I had to fix my own green smoothie today.  I used kale, banana, date, apple, canteloupe, and water. The rest of the lunch was grapefruit with honey, avocado, watermelon, and almonds.
Supper was steamed zucchini, veggie cocktail (carrots, beets, celery, bell pepper), green salad (romaine, mushrooms, tomato, sprouts, parsley, cucumber), salad dressing (lemon, olive oil, honey, Bragg's Seasoning), almonds.

In my Natural Hygiene course, I am studying a Pediatrics section.  Today's lesson was about constipation. Nature Cure deals with this with love, food, and physical attention.  Physical exercise can be very helpful.  Meat, fish, and chicken should definitely not be eaten.  Retained feces from these foods can cause very toxic conditions.

I am reading Gaia's Garden trying to learn a little bit about permaculture.  In permaculture you use nature to help a garden mature faster than it otherwise would. A mature landscape is a blend of trees, shrubs, and smaller plants.  The  typical manicured lawn is an immature landscape, and it requires constant work and the application of many chemicals to keep it from maturing.  Our typical gardens are also examples of a young eco-system because they start from seed every year. In permaculture design we can have all that the annual garden offers and more.  I hope to learn to arrange my garden so it will be like a mature eco-system rather than a young one.  The book says that if I lay the groundwork, nature will create connections and fill in the gaps.

To health and happiness.

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