Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chronic Tiredness and Toothpaste Recipe

I have been doing my walking in the mornings.  Sometimes Travis walks with me, and sometimes I walk by myself  I don't listen to music or anything when I walk.  It's just me, God and nature.

Spring is coming!

 We moved the cilantro, rosemary and some other herbs into pots.  Our plan is to make the current herb bed into a strawberry bed.  There are more herbs to be moved.

There a few little plants trying to make it in the greenhouse.  Our greenhouse is not heated, so they probably are not warm enough.  Maybe the ones that made it will take off in the spring.  I hope so.
Little tomato plants growing in the greenhouse.

Only three little lettuces made it this time.

The flute is taking a lot of time, but it's so worth it.  I have two teachers now.  Harriet is helping me learn the flute ensemble music, and Jackie is helping me with my technique.  Flute ensemble is quite challenging.

Since we enjoy going to estate sales and garage sales, it's necessary that we keep stuff circulating.  We have an Ebay store called Village Antiques and Auctions and a book store on Abe Books called Village Book Shop.  I am working on building up the inventory in both these stores.

Travis made green smoothies from arugula, grapes, lemon juice, kiwi, apples, passion fruit, banana and water.

Lunch:  Green Smoothie, Avocado, Watermelon (Travis had honeydew), and Goody Ball.

I made some toothpaste.  I like to make my own because I think it is healthier plus it saves having to buy a plastic container.  Here's the recipe I use for toothpaste:

6 parts baking soda
1 part coconut oil (I use more)
1 part hydrogen peroxide
Flavor with peppermint oil

Dinner:  Green Salad (romaine, radish, mushrooms, green onions, cucumber, tomato); Salad Dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, Braggs Seasoning, honey, Bragg's Amino Acids); Veggie Cocktails (beets, celery, carrots); Steamed Squash seasoned with a little butter and Bragg's Seasoning.

We went to a show at the Woodlands Auditorium.  It was called In The Mood...a 1940's musical revue.  The program said it was the music that moved the nation's spirit.  It was the music my Mom danced to.   They played the big band music popular all through the forties.  It was sad for me as they got up to the war time songs.  I thought about my uncle who died in Holland during that war.  

I had a consultation with Dr. John Fielder a couple of days ago.  He says the humidity is high at the Clohesy River in Australia.  He said the flies are still biting.  Those flies hurt when they bite!

My eye doctor wants me to be tested for glaucoma, but I don't know why I should since I won't use the drug.  I don't think I have glaucoma anyway.

Dr. Fielder verified my belief that coffee is not a health drink.  Travis had found a study with pages of scientific proofs that coffee helps people avoid many degenerative diseases.  Coffee is very high in anti-oxidants.  Dr. Fielder, however, says that coffee is not at all good for you.  What all the studies fail to account for is that coffee is a stimulant.  Ingesting stimulants, such as coffee, tea, and chocolate, is like whipping a tired horse.  Whipped horses drop dead.  When the body is tired, it needs rest, not a stimulant.

I am reading The Quintessence of Natural Living by Keki Sidwha.  He tells us that laziness is a sign of disease.  "I am so tired" is the cry of a degenerated civilization that is slowly killing itself.  Activity requires nerve energy.  That is not the same as heat energy from the operation of the muscles.  Because of enervating habits the removal of toxic waste from the body can become sluggish.  There is not enough nerve energy to complete the job of elimination.  This causes accumulated waste in the blood, lymph, tissues and muscle.  Toxemia is the root of tiredness...not the lack of the right energy drink or other stimulant.  

Overeating starches, fats and proteins cause sluggish elimination and thus tiredness.  Overwork, not enough rest, and eating junk foods all use up nervous energy.  Chronic tiredness is a reminder that a change of habits is needed immediately.

To health and happiness.


  1. Great Blog, Janis. I'm working on some of these things and can really tell the difference in my energy level! Thanks.

  2. That's great, Dorothy! And, thanks.