Sunday, February 12, 2012

Living Like a Monk

There was an interesting article in The Sentinel Record today about a college class at the University of Pennsylvania.  It is a class in religious studies called Living Deliberately that is taught by Justin McDaniel.  I jokingly said that I took this class under Dr. John Fielder in Australia.  The experience in Australia exposed me to many of the disciplines taught in this class.   The purpose of the restrictions is to bring awareness of yourself and others.   I am still trying to incorporate more of these disciplines into my everyday life.  At the farm in Australia there were not all the enticements and distractions there are here.

I am gaining weight.  That means I am retaining toxins.  I need to make some changes immediately.  It's time for me to live deliberately regarding diet...again.  In the class at Penn, they restrict eating anything after dark.  It was the same in Australia.  We ate dinner at 5:00 and that was the last food until noon the next day.   If someone wanted to do just one thing to improve their health, I think this would be the most important thing to do.

My pastor preached to us today about having a vision for our life and living with high expectations.  It was a good sermon.

Lunch today was green smoothie, mango, grapefruit with honey and walnuts

The Hot Springs Flute Ensemble performed today at St. Luke's Episcopal Church as part of the Public Musicale put on by the music fraternity Sigma Alpha Tau.  It was a wonderful program...lots of fun.  It was my first time to perform with the flute ensemble.

Going into St. Luke's Episcopal Church for my first performance with the Hot Spring Flute Ensemble.

Warming up.
Our friend, Karl, called to tell me there is an article in this week's Newsweek magazine that reminds him of the Steiner schools I visited in Australia.  The Steiner schools believe that all learning is best done through teaching the arts, especially music.   The Newsweek article is about Gustavo Dudamel (Dude is a Rock Star).  Dudamel is the young conductor who is changing the future of classical music.  He has made a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged youth through music.  It's a fantastic story.  Here is his story.
Biography of Gustavo Dudamel.   Watch this...What fun...

Supper tonight was salad, oil and vinegar dressing, veggie cocktail, sauerkraut, and pistachios.

My friend, Billie, passed on from this world today.  There was a time in my life when she was one of my most constant companions.  We shared many good times.  Precious memories.

To health and happiness.

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