Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good News About Ian

The week has flown by.  On Monday, I made a batch of Goody Balls.  Travis had bought two bags of black walnuts a while back.  Since we weren't eating them, I decided to use them in the Goody Balls in place of the almonds.  It worked okay, but they have a definite black walnut taste.  These are Black Walnut Goody Balls.  I like the almonds better.

We had a tiny little snow.  It is the only snow of the year thus far.  It has been cold enough that I have neglected getting outside to walk for several days.  This morning I finally got outside and walked for 30 minutes and then fed one of the blueberry bushes with mineral rocks, fertilizer, compost and mulch.  

Snow on the garden.

Snow beside our house.
 Travis and I cleaned out our closets and a few other things from the house.  There are half as many clothes in our closets as there were before.  Big Brother and Big Sisters came and picked up the boxes of clothes and household items.  Travis said he gave away some clothes he really liked.

Boxes awaiting pickup from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
 Today we went to visit Mom and met my sister, niece and family for lunch at McAlister's.  Back at the nursing home I had a great game of Go Fish with my great-nephew.
Lunch at McAlister's.
Health for health's sake is neither so urgent or inspiring as health in order to do some of the thousand and one things that you can do only if you are healthy. - Kiki Sidwha

One of the tenets of Natural Hygiene is personal responsibility.  It insists upon self-help and self-effort.  Even when the condition is serious you don't need to feel hopeless or panic.  Never give up because the life force is on your side.  Health and happiness come from God.

I received a very happy report regarding Ian, the man who came to the Clohesy River Health Farm while I was there last October.  Ian came with prostrate cancer....knowing nothing about Natural Hygiene...but knowing he did not like the medical options he had been offered.    He had to start from scratch to learn the natural lifestyle.  I wondered how he would do, because you never know how someone will do once they leave the controlled environment.  Dr. Fielder taught him the lifestyle during a two week stay at the farm, then he returned home and practiced it on his own.  And now his PSA levels have come down to normal.  His doctor said it was highly unusual and was apologetic that the testing company may have made an error.  Ian told the doctor that he was on a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts.  He is walking for exercise.  Ian is very pleased with his good fortune with his health by following Dr. Fielder's training.  He is humbly grateful and is continuing his food restrictions and self-discipline.  According to Ian, his life will be bigger, better and more fulfilling than before.

To health and happiness.

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