Monday, February 27, 2012

Health Foods

The Hot Springs Flute Ensemble played for the morning service at Westminster Presbyterian Church. It was my second performance with them. We played The Heavens Declare by Benedetto Marcello and Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart. 

Warming up before the church service.
Today my sister bought my lunch to celebrate my birthday.  She, Mom and I went to Ruby Tuesday's in Benton.  I had the salad bar, and it was very good.  Sheila gave me a gift of an inspirational calendar, too.  After lunch, I took Mom to Walgreens to get snack crackers and to Backyard Burgers to get a strawberry shake.  What can I say.  She's almost 91 years old.

I stopped at Cox Family Gardens on the way home and bought some seed potatoes.  I told the lady at the nursery that every peach tree that we have planted so far has not made it.  She told me that we were just a little too far north to grow peaches.  I didn't know that.  They grow them at Alpine which isn't far from here.  She says we are right on the line.

Travis finished feeding the trees and berries while I was gone today.  They look so happy and contented now.  

While clearing out clutter, I listed a little toy on Ebay that has been in my toy room for years.  I don't know where it came from, but I listed it and right away someone in Japan bought it.  I packaged it today and got it ready to mail tomorrow.  Made $14.00.  Not bad.
Winni the First
I snacked on walnuts and pistachios when I came in from Benton today.  Travis made us green smoothies for supper.  We got into the hot tub after supper.  Very nice.  That was the first time I had been in the hot tub in a year.

Yesterday, I ate some salted nuts at a baby shower.  Hygenists know that salt is a poison.  Today I feel the effects of that as pain in my kidney.  Inorganic sodium chloride is harmful to the body.  Sodium and chlorine are necessary, but they need to be obtained through plants.  Plants take up sodium and chlorine from the soil and take it in as part of the plant.  Salt is always harmful in its crystalline form.

Have you noticed that modern health food stores look more like drug stores than grocery stores? Elements are extracted from foods and sold as nutritional supplements or health foods.  But in truth the whole food is always better than the extract. Whole grain wheat is better than wheat germ.  Apple juice is better than apple cider vinegar.  A whole apple is better than apple juice.  It's not enough to put a little wheat germ on refined cereal.  These types of foods do not build health.

Nutrition is important, but so is sleep, rest, stress levels, exercise and fresh air.  Health foods won't create health if Nature's laws are continuously broken.

Natural Hygiene always opposes offering products as cures for different ailments.  If we want to be healthy, we have to stop doing what makes us sick.  Cease to do evil.  Learn to do good.    If we learn to live within our limits, we can be healthy without any so-called health foods.  They are a waste of money.  It's better to spend the money on organic, fresh, whole foods. - Adapted from Quintessence of Natural Living by Keki Sidwha

To health and happiness.

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