Monday, March 5, 2012

Amy's Birthday

Today is the birthday for my favorite daughter-in-law, Amy Hopper.  Happy birthday, Amy.  The card is in the mail and we'll go shopping when I get to Philly.  I got to talk to her last night to wish her a happy birthday.

Yesterday we had church at our little church in the country.  My sister came from Little Rock and brought my Mom.  Our pastor preached about how important it is to be grateful for what we have.  We had lunch at church.  I took some of the raw soup I just learned to make, some goody balls, raw cauliflower popcorn, steamed broccoli, and honeydew.  After church we cleaned the kitchen and got everything ready for our annual meeting coming up next week-end.
Mom at church yesterday.

This morning we finished putting compost and mulch on bed #3.  We weeded bed #1.  I harvested all the kale out of bed #1 and pulled up the plants.  We are going to plant kale in bed #3 this year.  The transplanted strawberries look very happy.
Putting compost on the garden bed.

This is the kale I harvested today.
Weeding one of the garden beds.

The harvested kale.
New York here I come.  I am so excited to get to go to NYC with five girl friends.  It will be so much fun.  We bought our plane tickets today.

After much changing of plans (thanks, Amy) we have rescheduled our Philadelphia trip to later so that we can go with our daughter, Molly, and her three children to Universal Studios in Orlando for spring break.  Molly has booked us a condo at Orlando.  We bought two day passes to Universal Studios.  We are doing this trip on a budget.  We plan to go to the state park in Pensacola and spend an afternoon at the beach on our way.  We'll only eat out a couple of times.  Once at Rain Forest Cafe and once at Three Broomsticks in the Harry Potter Theme Park.  Grand-daughter, Ashlyn, has just discovered Harry Potter and she is a big fan.  We will watch Harry Potter movies on the way and play Harry Potter Trivia.

I made up my traveling grocery list of foods to take with me:  melons, avocados, bananas, grapefruit, apples or pears, lemons, baby carrots, romaine, cucumber, sauerkraut, sesame butter, honey, herbal tea, olive oil, popcorn and popcorn popper, coconut oil, sea salt, Bragg's seasoning, organic gummy bears, trail mix, goody balls, and water.

I am now a member of the National Flute Association and have submitted my registration form to the attend the National Flute Convention.

Lunch today was green smoothie, watermelon, avocado, sauerkraut, and goody balls.

Dinner was veggie cocktail (carrot, beet, celery, sweet potato); salad (romaine, mushrooms, sprouts, tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, and Bragg's seasoning); almonds, and goody balls.

My Philosophy of Nature Cure lesson today was about Crises.  It was such a rich lesson.  I enjoyed it very much.  What allopathy calls the disease, we look upon as the cure.  The Law of Crises is evident in  nature and in the world. It is a universal law.  Wars and revolutions are the healing crises of nations...Heresies and reformations are the crises of religion....Strikes and riots are the crises of commercial life...rainstorms cool and purify the air and charge it with life-giving ozone..healing crises purify the disease laden bodies of men.  This great law of crises dominates the cure of chronic disease.

"The cure always proceeds through the darkness and chaos of healing crises to the light and beauty of perfect health.  There will be periods of marked improvement alternating with acute eliminative activity until perfect regeneration has taken place."

To health and happiness.

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