Thursday, March 15, 2012


My  Lifestyle Consultants course I study with Dr. John Fielder had a  lesson today on the History of Nature Cure about Mohandas Gandhi.  Everyone knows about Gandhi's non-violent resistance to England's colonial rule of India and his passion for the sick and poor, but my lesson today was about his practice of Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure.  He was very much influenced by Nature Cure pioneers, Louis Kuhne and Adolf Just.

Gandhi was a strict vegetarian who believed that observing the laws of nature would keep you healthy.  He established a Nature Cure center where the poor, who could not afford medicines,  could learn about health and hygiene.

Gandhi did not have faith in modern medicine.  He was of the opinion that good health required only proper diet, fresh air, exercise, clean environment, and a pure heart.  Modern medicine tempts people to break the laws of health and then seek a cure through drugs.  Gandhi tried to learn how to overcome disease without medicines.  Prevention of disease and cures are found by observing the laws of Nature.  Gandhi considered the laws of Nature and the laws of God to be the same.

Here is a link to Gandhi's short book called Key to Health.
Key to Health by Gandhi

In the garden today, I transplanted five Margold tomato plants and four lettuce plants from the greenhouse.  Travis planted a row of beets.  I planted a row with half romaine-like lettuce seeds and half green salad lettuce seeds.  I planted a row of half Red Creole Onion seeds and half White Lisbon bunching onion.  I planted four Snowball cauliflower seeds in a 4-pack and 18 Margold tomato seeds in 6-packs.
Transplanting lettuce plants.

Newly transplanted Margold tomato plant.

Newly transplanted lettuce plants.

The asparagus is coming up.

I had lunch on the deck in the sunshine.  Travis and Arthur went to visit Karl today for their weekly meeting so I fixed my own green smoothie.
Lunch in the sunshine today.

Lunch:  Green Smoothie (arugula, kale, banana, date, honeydew, kiwi, apple, water); grapefruit with honey; avocado; watermelon.

Dinner:  Romaine lettuce leaves, green onions, cucumber, radish and zucchini sprinkled with lemon juice; tomato; sauerkraut.

To health and happiness.

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