Friday, March 2, 2012

Garden Secret

Hot Springs is famous for its water.  Yesterday, I went downtown and filled up my water bottles at the Happy Hollow Springs.  The water that comes from this spring is not hot, but it is our favorite.  It is free to anyone that brings their bottles.  It is always fascinating to see the people there getting water.   It's quite international.  People from all over the world show up there to get the water.
Getting water at Happy Hollow Springs.  My water bottles are in the foreground..all filled up.

We have a vegan restaurant in Hot Springs now, Garden Secret.  I met Travis and Karl there for lunch yesterday.  The food was amazing.  We met the owners, Clarence and Deborah Reddick.  I hope people will go there and help them make this into a big success.  We need them to be here.

Lentil Soup- beautifully presented.

Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Lasagna - The daily special.

Here I am with Karl and one of the owners, Deborah.

Garden Secrets Restaurant
 We had an interesting afternoon with Karl.  We visited St. John the Baptist Catholic Church to get information about the history.  Karl is convinced there was a Catholic orphanage here at one time.  St. John's is 100 years old, but they started as a school.  The church was built a few years after the school.  None of the people at the church were aware of an orphanage ever being there.  One lady called over to St. Mary's to see if they knew which church had an orphanage in their history.   So far we have not found out anything.  We got to see the sanctuary at St. John's.  I had never been inside before.  It was very beautiful.

Next we went to the A.M.E. Church near the convention center. It is an old domed church that is in disrepair, but it is being refurbished.  According to the sign, the pastor is Reverend Angela Brewster. Karl wants me to call her and find out if there was a children's home ever associated with the church and if it is possible to get inside the building.
A.M.E. Church in Hot Springs

Karl failed to gain entrance to the building.  It was locked.

We went to visit Alison Parsons at her art gallery, Alison Parsons Gallery.  She is a friend of Karl's.  She gave us a set of eight note cards she has done of the Hot Springs Bathhouses.  Then we went to visit Blue Moon Art Gallery and visited with Dishongh.  It was a fun afternoon.

I got the strawberry bed completely weeded so we can find the little strawberry plants and move them to their new bed.  Travis got all of them transplanted today.  They got watered in and tucked in with mulch.   I hope they like their new home.
The bed is weeded and the little strawberries are ready to be moved.

Transplanting strawberries.

Tuck the babies in.
Lunch today:  Green Smoothie (kale, banana, dates, kiwi, apples, water); mango; grapefruit with honey; avocado; honeydew; goody balls

Dinner tonight:  Leftover green salad; lemon juice and olive oil salad dressing; leftover steamed cabbage; baby carrots;  sauerkraut; avocado; goody balls; almonds

To health and happiness.

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