Friday, March 16, 2012

New Arbor

I woke up with a headache.  I think it is because I have taken my diet to the Ninja level, so I could be detoxing.  I eliminated all the commercial products and the seeds and nuts.

Look what is in one of our garden beds....just in time for St. Patrick's day.  It's a shamrock!
We went to some garage sales and some estate sales today.  We didn't spend much money, but we got some stoneware plates and three beer bottles I think I can sell.  We bought an arbor at the estate sale for $2.00.  Travis had me hold it in the back of the Odyssey and then he slammed the trunk door down on my arm.  It hurt like the devil.  We both cried.  My arm hurt for a couple of hours, but now I think it is okay.  It doesn't seem to be broken.  I guess that's what comes from writing about broken bones on my blog a couple of days ago. Here is a link to the post....Broken Bones.

We put the arbor up in the garden right next to the grape arbor.  There are a couple of grape plants that can train up over this new arbor.  Plus we plan to plant cucumbers beside it, too.
Travis holding the new arbor up for me to see if I like where it is.

The arbor is now installed.

Here is a carrot that came up.  Travis planted carrots last year and none of them came up.  But here this one is now.

One of the strawberry plants has a bloom.

I read in Gaia's Garden about a way to make a spiral herb garden that will take less room than the traditional way.  You need a mound of good soil that is 3' high and 5' across.  You put fist size or larger rocks around the mound in a spiral from the bottom to the top leaving a foot of soil between the spirals. You can plant herbs winding up the spiral.  I may have to try this.

To health and happiness.

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