Thursday, March 15, 2012

Broken Bones

Our friend, Karl, called to tell us that his sprained ankle included a cracked femur.  He is walking on a walker, but according to the doctor, if it does not heal he will need surgery.  What does Natural Hygiene have to say about broken bones.  Well, surgery is not always the answer.  Natural Hygiene treats fractures very different from the modern methods.  There are three main differences:

Instead of forcibly aligning the two ends of the broken bone in one manipulation under anesthesia, Natural Hygiene brings the ends together gradually without anesthesia.

Instead of mobilizing the broken bone until it is firmly united, Natural Hygiene thinks immobilization is not necessary or desirable.  It uses splints to keep the bones from becoming displaced.

Instead of immobilizing the joints above and below the fracture, Natural Hygiene allows for freedom of the joints and considers immobilization to be unnecessary and harmful.  Immobilization causes the muscles to waste away and slows down healing.

It is better to focus on the whole body rather than only on the fracture.  A broken limb that is splinted can heal much faster than one set in a cast.

Even when surgery is essential, healing is quicker when the whole body is considered.  Fractures respond well when the blood flow is not restricted and the limb can be gently massaged and exposed to the fresh air and sunlight.  Fasting, when appropriate, can help the bones heal faster.  A clean body, inside and out, always heals faster.

People that live a simple natural lifestyle heal quicker than those who live like the majority.  The time to get ready for broken bones and other emergencies is now...before they happen.  Living the simple, natural lifestyle eliminates the need for most surgeries, but if surgery becomes necessary, a healthy body gives the best chance to come through it with good results.

Wednesday we put compost and mulch on one of the garden beds.  We left keyhole pathways on the beds to facilitate working in the beds without compacting the soil so much.  Travis planted three varieties of kale, three varieties of radish, and a row of seed potatoes.  I'm a little aggravated with Travis for changing the direction of the rows.  He planted the rows on one side of the keyhole going vertical, and on the other side of the keyhole he planted them going horizontal.  Oh well, I'm sure it will work out fine.
Travis planting kale.

The potato row.

The strawberries like their new home.

The keyhole pathway in the garden bed.

Horizontal and vertical rows. :-)

Lunch today was green smoothie (I don't know what Travis put in it, but it was good); watermelon, grapefruit with honey, orange, and goody balls.

I made a batch of trail mix today.  Recipe is here:

Ladies night out last night.  We ate at Ruby Tuesday and went to the movie to see The Vow.  Dinner was the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday....Raw salads plus potato salad.  At the movie theater I ate some banana chips and trail mix I had in my purse.

To health and happiness.

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