Monday, March 12, 2012

Tennis Tournament

The Annual Meeting at our church was good.  It was a lot of work, but worth it.  We had our meals at the church on Friday night, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday lunch.  Over the course of the week-end, I took potato soup, green salads, crackers, salad dressings, trail mix, goody balls, raw milk cheese, cashew butter dip, melons, and fruit salad.  My sister brought my Mom to the meeting on Saturday.  We were happy to get to host the visiting preacher and his family in our home.  
Mom having lunch at church.
My plan was to work in the garden this morning, but I never got out to do it.  Instead, I had to package up a shipment for a watch case we sold on Ebay and a book we sold on Abe Books.  Once I got into that mind-set, I listed some china plates on Ebay and an old book on Abe Books.  Travis, in the mean time, put the minerals and fertilizer on garden bed #1. 

The POA is selling off the lots that are in arrears in their assessments.  There are two across the street that are for sale for $1000 each.  We walked around on them and talked about buying one of them.  I would love to have more land for planting fruit trees and veggies.

The forsythia and petunias were really pretty today.

 Lunch was Green Smoothies (leftover fruit salad from church, kale, banana, and water); grapefruit with honey, mango, watermelon, trail mix, and banana chips.

I went to visit Mom today and took her a lot of the snacks she likes to keep in her room.  Then I went to Otter Creek to watch grandson Zac play in a tennis tournament.  It was a great match, and a perfect afternoon to sit outside and watch tennis.

Zac and his opponent at the tennis tournament.

Zac playing tennis.
 I had dinner at Molly's house.  I took a little cooler with my food in it, so I had green salad, oil and vinegar dressing, sauerkraut, goody ball, and baby carrots with cashew butter.  Braeden sauteed some bell pepper in lemon juice.
Braeden sauteing bell pepper in lemon juice.
From How to Grow More Vegetables I am learning about a method to make compost that is simpler, uses no manure, and uses no herbal solutions to stimulate microorganism growth.  It uses no rock powder, fertilizers or nitrogen supplements (usually).  This type of composting is easily feasible for backyard gardening.

I decided today to make a keyhole type path in my three garden beds to make it easier to work the center of the beds.  In Gaia's Garden they show circular beds with a keyhole design.  Since my beds are already built, and they are square, the idea of the keyhole pathway will still work, I think.  It's worth a try.

To health and happiness.

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