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Imperfectly Raw - Day 48 - 10/7/21 - Finding Balance in an Aging Body

 Imperfectly Raw - Day 48 - Thursday - 10/7/21 - Finding Balance in an Aging Body

This morning I made the green juice without ginger.  I can't get ginger at Walmart curbside pickup any more.  They probably still have it in the store, but I am loving curbside pickup.  I like not going in the store.  I used some of my liquid turmeric in the juice.  It was good.  I also made veggie cocktails for later, but we did not drink them today.  We will have them tomorrow.

Breakfast:  Coffee in my mug - Gather here with grateful hearts - and the green juice.

The sprouts were ready to harvest today.  They will be good in smoothies and salads.

Lunch:  Smoothies - bananas kiwis, sprouts, spring mix, a little frozen banana nice cream left from the raw foods potluck, fresh strawberries that Alice brought me, wheatgrass juice powder, collagen, frozen blueberries, coconut water, and water.

I had a follow up appointment to review my lab work with Dr. Xu.  Everything looks good, sugar is stable, thyroid, liver, and kidney function are all good.  Triglycerides, LDL, and HDL are barely out of range, but doctor says not to worry, they are fine.  I talked to him about diet (of course, I did).  He is not a fan of low carb and pointed out that people around the world live on carbs and have throughout the years.  We are more likely to have issues from excess protein.  We talked about my raw foods.  Dr. Xu thinks it is important to cook some foods including some of the greens we eat.  I agree with him about that.  It is probably possible to live a healthy life on only raw foods, but it is still an experimental diet.  That is no record of any long lived people living on only raw foods, but it is my experience that I healed on raw foods, and when I get to feeling poorly, I have been able to feel better when I eat mostly raw foods.  So even though it is an experimental diet, it is worth experimenting with it.  For me, it is not about being 100% anything, but finding the balance of a good life in a healthy, aging body.

Afternoon snack:  Whole grain chips and salsa before going to the nail salon. 

Dinner:  Salad leftover from yesterday with ranch dressing and saltine crackers.

Dessert:  Lara bar, Kind bar, kombucha

xoxo Janis

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