Thursday, October 28, 2021

Imperfectly Raw Day 52 - 10/27/21

 Imperfectly Raw Day 52 - 10/27/21

Started off with 27 ounces of water before coffee.  I worked at the boutique today and had Lemon Ginger Blast for breakfast.  

For lunch I made a living green smoothie with banana, kiwi, fresh strawberries, kale,  sprouted lentils, wheatgrass juice powder, almond yogurt, vegan protein powder, dates, chia seeds, coconut water, leftover Bengal Spice tea, coconut water, frozen mixed fruit and water.  The sprouts are growing.  I used some in the smoothies today.

For snacks I had a Lara Bar, a pear, and an orange. The peanuts at the shop were tempting, but I resisted!

My problems began when I got home.  I was hungry and tired.  Travis suggested Domino’s Pizza, and I was all for it. I got the vegetarian option and had it with a salad with Bragg’s Vinaigrette that I made at home.  Also had a kombucha.  Fatigue plays a factor in exercising willpower!  Will try to do better tomorrow.



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