Monday, January 7, 2013

80/10/10 Fail and L. O. Bailey Conclusion

I have been about 75% 80/10/10 over the week-end as I spent the night away from home one night, hosted a party at my home the next night, and attended a potluck meal at church yesterday.  I prepared all my food according to the diet plan but was not successful in eating it all.  I ate some gluten free crackers, a potato soup which was cooked, and some organic vegan gummy bears at the events I attended.    I failed in eating enough calories of the low fat raw vegan food and in getting a sufficient amount of sleep.  I think the lack of sleep made it hard to stay on point with eating the calories required.

For breakfast yesterday I had three tangerines.  The recommended amount was seven tangerines.

For lunch I had gluten free crackers while waiting on lunch to be served because I was hungry.  I had a large plate of salad but that was only about a third of the recommended amount.  I ate a small bowl of a pineapple/lettuce/tomato soup which was much less than recommended.  The soup was good, but once I ate the crackers I wasn't able to eat the proper amount.
PLT Soup - pineapple and lettuce with chopped tomatoes.

For dinner I had more gluten free crackers because I was tired, under-slept, and under-carbed.  I ate a banana and tried to drink my papaya/lettuce/lime smoothie but did not want it.  So I just went to sleep.

Today will be better because I am rested.


More on Mr. Leslie Owen Bailey...

L. O. Bailey's health broke down completely by the time he was forty years old.  Up until then he had been a believer in medical procedures.  He always went to the doctors when he didn't feel well, and he followed their advice.  He took the prescribed drugs and shots and was a good patient.  He did not resist even drastic medical treatment.  His surgeries bear testimony to that.

When he was at his lowest ebb a friend suggested he read a book by Dr. Frank McCoy called The Fast Way to Health.  This book resonated with him.  The procedures were new to him, but they seemed logical.  He had already done everything the medical doctors had told him to do, and he had become progressively worse.  He didn't think he had long to live, so he decided to adopt the simple program outlined in the book.  First he fasted and then he adopted a diet of wholesome foods in their natural state.  The basis of this diet was fresh fruits, green salads, whole grains, and meat.  He learned about proper food combining.  The book also stressed the importance of  wholesome habits such as regular exercise, sufficient rest, exposure to sunshine, and a good mental attitude.

After changing his lifestyle habits, Mr. Bailey shortly regained the use of his right shoulder, the arthritic and sciatic pains disappeared, and he felt like a new man.

Awhile later he was influenced by the teachings of Dr. William Howard Hay who used only natural methods in his sanatorium in Pennsylvania.  And lastly and most notably by Dr. Allan Carroll whose natural methods were different from any other doctor practicing in Australia.  Dr. Carroll was his inspiration in setting up Hopewood House and Hopewood Health Centre.  Mr. Bailey began to adopt more and more the teachings of Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure.  He then formed the Natural Health Society in Australia.

My own teacher and mentor in Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure is Dr. John Fielder who operates the Clohesy River Health Farm in Australia.  Dr. Fielder responded to my lesson I submitted to him about Leslie Owen Bailey with his own story about this great man.  Dr. Fielder actually interned at the Hopewood Health Centre and knew Mr. Bailey before he died.  He was a friend with Madge Cockburn until her recent death.  Sometimes when Dr. Fielder goes to Sydney he visits the Hopewood Health Centre at Wallacia.  Even though the management and staff are different from when he interned there, they still always warmly welcome him.  Here is a link to Dr. John Fielder's website:

Another nugget I gleaned from Dr. Fielder:  The Greeks found over 2000 years ago that exercising in the fresh air and sunlight was at least ten times more beneficial than in a gymnasium.  I still plan to join the fitness center here in Hot Springs Village this year, but it seems the outdoor hiking and gardening will be much more beneficial.

To health and happiness.

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