Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is Truth?

I have toyed around with the natural diet for a little while, but a conversation with my brother the other night has brought me back on point that Dr. John Fielder's diet is the one that is sustainable for all of humanity.  You don't need to buy a bunch of books, a Vita-mix blender,  Excalibur dehydrator, juicer, refrigerator, or tractor.  All you need is a cutting board and a knife.  A $30.00 mandolin is also useful.

It encouraged me to think it all over again.  There is no breakfast.  That is the time the body is assimilating the food we ate yesterday.  This is a good time to do our work, exercise, and spend time outdoors if possible.

Lunch is all the fruit you care to eat, 1/2 an avocado, a little nut butter sometimes, and some grated coconut, goody balls, or other nuts.

Dinner is all the salad foods you care to eat such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, celery, etc.  If a dressing is needed it can be made with lemon juice, honey and a little olive oil.   The meal also can include 1/2 avocado, two or three dates and a small bowl of pecans (or goody balls).

Acceptable modifications of this diet that require expensive equipment would be green fruit smoothies at lunch and veggie cocktails at dinner.

Dr. Fielder's diet has the ring of truth because:
1.  He has modeled it for 50 years with positive results.
2.  It's available to people at any economic level and in any country in the world.
3.  There is nothing to sell.
4.  It appeals to the bankrupt (in every sense of the word).

The truth is always available free of charge to those with the eyes to see it while it is hidden from the prideful.  Those things out in the world system that cost so much to purchase are false.  Truth is simple. It's not advertised in magazines or on television.  There is nothing about it that appeals to the ego.

Sometimes we do pay our mentors for education in the ways of living in harmony with truth, but the purpose of the education is to teach you to live independent of the teacher.  Teachers, preachers, doctors, and gurus that make you dependent on them and the products they sell are not teaching truth.

So what is truth?  We can go to God directly no matter where we live.  God finds us without a man-made evangelical empire.  God supplies all our needs outside the realm of the multi-national corporations and political powers.  He gives us sunshine, fresh air, pure water, simple fruits and leafy green herbs, opportunities to work and grow our food, and communities in which to learn and grow.

Money has a role to play in our lives, no doubt.  But life becomes richer when we realize what are the true riches.

I am still studying about Periodicity in my Natural Living course.  As we start to live a simple, natural life old disease conditions will reappear so that they can run their course without suppression.  Living in harmony with Nature's laws allows the body to cleanse and heal.  The old is torn down and then rebuilt from better materials.

Most people don't trust Nature to heal, but we believe that the wisdom that created us knows how to preserve us and repair us.  After a properly managed healing crisis the body is stronger and healthier.  These crises will continue to occur from time to time as long as there is something wrong with us.  Each crisis is another milestone on the road to health.

The first place that will have to be worked on is the digestive system. Until there is proper assimilation  and elimination there can be no further progress.  That's why we place so much emphasis on eating a simple, natural, and raw diet.  It puts us in harmony with the laws that govern health.

To health and happiness.

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