Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Sins of the Parents

Travis and I have joined the Fitness Center here in Hot Springs Village.  We have to do something!  While exercising in the gym is ten times less efficient than exercising in the open air, it is better than not exercising at all.  The hiking group and working in the garden will offer the necessary outdoor activity, but for times when more is needed the gym will be great.  The indoor track at the gym is perfect for getting in a couple of miles of walking.

We have appointments set up to meet with one of the trainers at the gym next Friday who will help us set up a routine to meet our goals.  There are two Saturday's coming up soon of little mini-classes of the different classes offered at the gym to help decide which classes will be most beneficial and enjoyable, too.

Sunshine is just as important as diet. Friday we were blessed with 60 degrees and sunshine in the afternoon.  We drove over to the boat to take advantage and soak up some rays on the lake.  60 degrees is going to be my lower limit on a sunbathing temperature.  The wind was cool, but the heat from the sun was nice and warm.  Yesterday was quite warm.  It got up to 70 degrees, but there was no sun.  It rained most of the day.  As of now, there is not a day on the forecast with warm temperatures and sun.
Sunshine and 60 degrees over Lake Desota.

I am studying a lesson in my Natural Living course by Dr. H. Leslie Harrison.  It is full of wisdom.

Nature Cure focuses on health while medicine focuses on disease.  This  lesson points out that a high level of health depends on the health of several generations.  The Bible says that children suffer for the sins of the parents for up to three or four generations. (Exodus 20:5)

While looking up that scripture reference, I saw the verses where God commanded his people not to eat fat or blood and not to drink wine or strong drink.  The laws of God and the laws of Nature are the same.  It amazes me the more I see it.

Because health is a generational thing, it would be good to start educating our young ones to start today to live in harmony with Nature's laws...for their own benefit, but also for the health and strength of their future children and grand-children.  If they step up and accept the responsibility it will pay huge dividends.  Health education is not the same as disease prevention.  Health education will teach obedience to the laws of Nature whereas disease prevention is the negative side of warring against healing symptoms.

Even if perfection in following a healthy lifestyle is considered impossible, encouraging those in our sphere of influence to reach out for the best, most positive lifestyle possible is the loving thing to do.  We can't lower the bar because it is difficult to reach it.  Don't be afraid to go for the ideal as much as possible.

Most people don't understand the purpose of the symptoms they experience.  They have a role in the recovery from sickness and also in the maintenance of good health.

The best way to teach our young people to follow the laws of Nature is to be the the light. By living a fun, happy, joyful, intelligent lifestyle of faith in Nature and Nature's God we can inspire them to do the same.

Always think about the long-term, especially with children. Think twenty-five years ahead.  Anyone planning on conceiving children would be advised to start a healthy lifestyle long before that happens.  At least a year of healthy living is required before getting pregnant.  This applies equally to both parents.  Eating a healthy diet will make you into better parent material.  It's best to not eat meat so that the body tissue can develop without so many toxins.  The factory farmed meat sold today can have adverse effects.  Walking and outdoor exercise are also important.  Add to that the importance of mental and ethical development.  The long-term whole approach to health is what is necessary for regenerative health.

A perfect healthy lifestyle is what will bring about increased health, even if it is considered extreme in modern society.  Set the standard high even if compromises are made in some ways.  The aim is positive well-being through the enjoyment of life!  It's as simple and as difficult as choosing to serve God or the world system.

To health and happiness.

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