Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Need to be Careful

We had a wonderful Skype consultation last Saturday with Dr. John Fielder...direct from the Clohesy River Health Farm in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.  We wanted his opinion regarding Travis' higher blood pressure reading.  The blood pressure is not dangerously high, but that along with some numbness and vision problems are all warnings.  It's a reminder that we haven't been as careful as we should have been.

It's not a time to panic, but we must use it for what it is trying to tell us.  It is telling us to be more careful in what we have been doing and not to be so blase about falling off the wagon.

As for my sore tongue, sore nose, and painful hand, that too is a reminder to be more diligent.  I have been toying around using some commercial foods in order to try and cover all our bases regarding nutritional needs, but we can't trust any of these companies to tell the truth about their ingredients.  Many ingredients are not even required to be listed on the packaging.  You can't trust them!

I have eaten some wild salmon a few times in order to provide Omega 3's, but Dr. Fielder reminded me that we don't need very much and a light sprinkle of flax seed oil on our salad will be sufficient.

Remember this rule....Don't put it in your mouth, if you would not want to put it in your eye.  Our digestive tracts are just as sensitive as our eyes.  Thus, we don't need to be eating ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic, and other strong spices.

We had a good week-end with grandchildren and church company.  We always take them out to eat, because I don't think they will eat what we eat.  At the Great Wall I had sushi, salad from the salad bar, and some of the veggies.  Not too bad, but certainly not a way to increase health.

Lunch on Saturday was green smoothie, 1/2 avocado, and some fresh coconut.  I served them pizza also.  One of these days perhaps I will refuse to serve anyone else something I would not eat myself.

The following evening we took them to the Mexican restaurant.  This time I ate before we left.  I had a veggie cocktail, salad, 1/2 avocado, and some sauerkraut.  At the restaurant I ordered the guacomole salad.

I enjoy sharing what I know about raw foods and natural hygiene when people ask.  Most of us know deep down that the standard American diet is not a very healthy diet.

A raw food guy from Australia that calls himself Durianrider says that he has seen every sunrise this year thus far.  That is awesome.  Several years back Travis and I went through a time of getting up every morning and taking our blanket and coffee down to the bench beside Lake DeSota to watch the sunrise before we got ready to go to work.  It was a very special time.  I would like to get back into that habit.  We don't live by the lake anymore, but I suppose we could see the sun rise from our driveway.

I looked up Geoff Lawton on the internet because he is an expert in permaculture design.  He lives in New South Wales, Australia, but he has been involved in designing permaculture systems all over the world.  There is a video on his web-site on How to Survive the Coming Crises with Permaculture.  You have to register in order to see the video.  Here's the link:  How to Survive the Coming Crises with Permaculture .

To health and happiness.

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