Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pineal Gland

I am fascinated with the pineal gland.   I only know a little bit about it.  It synthesizes and secretes melatonin (a derivative of seratonin)  which regulates the sleep-wake cycle.  The gland is shaped like a pine cone.  It contributes to our feeling of well-being and happiness.  Melatonin also fights free radicals which can damage our cells.

The most interesting thing is that other than our eyes, the pineal gland is the only organ in the body that can detect light.  It has light sensitive cells like those in the retina.  That is why it is called the third eye.  Cutting bangs which cover the pineal gland impedes its function.  Genghis Khan forced the conquered Chinese women to cut their hair and wear bangs in order to make them easier to control.  Flouride also damages the ability of the pineal gland to function.

I read that it is good to rub the forehead where the pineal gland is located for a minute or so then face it toward the sun for fifteen or twenty minutes.  This is supposed to help the gland to wake up.  Meditation in the prayer closet is also a key to awakening the pineal gland.  Most of us are asleep, I think.  It's interesting that Jacob wrestled with God in a place called Piniel.

I am liking the diet.  The things John Fielder teaches are the best teachings out there regarding health and a good simple life.  What he teaches works, and it is sustainable.

I ordered a c-clamp style coconut grater from a place called Niwasa.  I think they are from Sri Lanka.  I hope this one is just like John's in Australia.  I want to start having coconut for lunch when I can get good coconuts. Here's the link:  Coconut Grater   Yesterday I ate some grated coconut from, but it was very dry and not very good.  Travis cracked open the coconut I bought at Walmart and it was a good one.

I finished the part four of my Periodicity lesson.  People who take drugs all their life can end up with constipation.  Medicines only give temporary relief.  In order to restore health, it is necessary to overcome constipation.  Nothing else will improve until the natural lifestyle corrects that problem.

Once we get on the right track and start to feel really good....get ready for the healing crisis.  Now the real fight begins!

In a healing crisis we will feel awful with nausea, coated tongue, headache, flu, and a host of other symptoms.  We'll feel worse than ever.  When that first happened to me I couldn't understand why I was  eating healthier than most people, yet I was the sickest one around.  Lots of changes have to take place in the body.  We feel bad because all our vitality is being used in healing.

This is not the time to quit.  Even though we feel worse, we are really getting better.  If we give up and take some medicine to relieve us, then we have stopped the healing.  That's why so many people are not cured and why they don't think the natural lifestyle works.

A lot of people start off to live a healthier lifestyle and they do good as long as they are feeling better, but when the crisis comes they lose faith and start doubting the natural regimen.  Well-meaning friends and relatives often destroy their confidence and so they give up.

This is the time when people become frightened (a tactic of the world system) and return to the ways of the world.  Then they tell everyone that Nature Cure didn't work.

It helps to have a practitioner or someone who has already been through the fire to reinforce us with guidance and encouragement.  I am thankful that I have Dr. Fielder.  The raw food group is an encouragement, too.  There are good You Tube videos, too, of people that have succeeded in this way.

Every crisis that is allowed to run its course in accordance with Nature's laws inspires us to do better. Our goal is to follow these laws more completely.

"Mother Nature remains a 'book sealed with seven seals' to those who mistrust, despise, and counteract her, who relay on man made wisdom and the ever-changing dogma of the schools" - Henry Lindlahr, MD

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