Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Responsibility for my Sickness

I finished my lesson about Professor Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, one of my mentor's mentors.  He was a philologist and could translate texts from Sanskrit, Pehlvi, Aramaic, Greek and Latin.  He translated texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essene Gospel of Peace.

I own several books by Dr. Szekely including the Essene Gospel of Peace series and a large text called Medicine Tomorrow an Introduction to Cosmotherapy.

The story is that while Dr. Szekely was studying in a Catholic monastery school he spent several months in the Vatican library in Rome.  While there he discovered the ancient manuscripts about the Essenes of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He translated part of them and published them as the Essene Gospel of Peace.

He wrote Cosmos, Man and Society while living in the South Seas and treating natives in a leper colony.  It's now out of print, but I found a copy on for $15.00.  It's on its way!

Dr. Szekely spent the last thirty years of his life in Mexico at his retreat and school, Rancho La Puerta.  He and his wife followed a simple way of living.  He lived in an old horse stable when he first arrived at Rancho La Puerta, and his wife was willing to live there with him.  After WWII ended he was able to get his money out of Europe, and he used those resources to build his retreat.  They grew all the vegetables for the school on the property using organic methods.

Monday, I ate all raw foods with the exception of some herbal teas. Lunch was green smoothie, fresh coconut, avocado, and goody balls.  Dinner was salad, veggie cocktail, sauerkraut, almonds and goody balls.  I steamed some cabbage for Travis, but I didn't eat any of it.
Here I am grating coconut with my new coconut grater.

Grating coconut. 

Green Smoothie:  banana, canteloupe, orange, apple, kiwi, dates, kale and water
Salad:  romaine, mushroom, green onion, cucumber, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, lemon juice, flax seed oil
Veggie Cocktail:  beet, celery, carrots

With skillful conscious action in each moment there is no danger. -Unknown

I watched an Easy to be Raw video by Megan Elizabeth on how to make our own raw make-up using two ingredients.  She used an eyelash curler, a mascara brush, and a Q-Tip.  She put a frozen organic blackberry in a small bowl and some spiralina in another bowl.  She dipped the Q-tip in the blackberry then in the spiralina.  She used that to do her eyebrows and eyelashes.  She used the blackberry juice on her lips and cheeks.  Here is a link to the You Tube video .Raw Makeup Tutorial

I am still enjoying reading The Quintessence of Natural Living by Kiki Sidwha....

One of the main teachings of Natural Hygiene is that we are responsible for our own behavior.  We need to learn and teach our children that our behavior lies in our own hands.  We need goals and incentives to work for and to keep our behavior on track.  That is one of the requirements for mental health.

According to Kiki Sidwha happiness is the balance between the world that surrounds us and the world we carry in our heart.  We can see ourselves as hopeless and helpless or we can put in the hard work life demands from us by accepting responsibility for the world around us.

"By placing responsibility for sickness upon the sick person, we at least make him free to do something about it.  He can then, if he so chooses, accept help to help himself in finding a happier and more constructive way of living his life."  - K. Sidwha

Many times doctors and hospitals keep sick people sick.  Instead, we could look at mental and physical sicknesses as irresponsible behavior.  It is always irresponsible to decide to forsake the requirements of a normal healthy life.  Ignorance is no excuse.  It is an irresponsible society that does not teach healthy living.

People sometimes use their sicknesses to get something from other people...such as attention, love, power, or money.  They use it as an excuse for failure and as a way to avoid accepting responsibility.  The welfare state encourages this thinking.

We really should expect more from the handicapped and the ill.  Our diet and way of life contribute to physical and mental illness.  Many, many people have recovered on a very strict hygienic diet.  During the war in Greece a great number of the mentally ill became healthy while the country was being starved by the Nazis.

Instead of putting the ill in a hospital, we could put them to work on farms and in gardens!  There they would find dignity and freedom as well as a healthy, hygienic diet.  They could live free from restraints and chemicals.  They could fast to cleanse the blood and lymph.  They could sleep after a hard days work, and enjoy fresh air, community, a belief in themselves, and a reason to live.

-Adapted from The Quintessence of Natural Living.

Even though it may seem cruel to expect sick people to take responsibility for their conditions, it really is the kindest most loving way to live.  It is the way that gives hope to the hopeless.  I remember well the day I slammed my hand on my desk at work and said, "I've had enough of this".  At that point I knew that either God was going to heal me or I was going to die.  

 To health and happiness.

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