Monday, January 28, 2013

What About Chlorine?

I think we need a wood burning stove.  We are all electric here at our house, and a wood burning stove would be a good source of heat when the power goes out.  We have two kerosene heaters and a few gallons of kerosene, but what if we were not able to get to Walmart for more kerosene?  A wood burner would be nice.  I found one I like on Craigslist for about $800.  I think it will cost a lot more than that, though, to get someone to install it.  I have a place picked out for the new stove to go even though I don't know for sure yet when I will get to buy one.

I had a good day with my sister last Thursday.  We are planning a trip to Europe next June.  It should be a good trip to London, Chateauroux, Paris, and Berlin.  We are working with a $3000 budget per person, so we are doing a lot of shopping around trying to find the best values.  It would be a big help if airline flights would come down.  I had lunch at Sheila's house....two bananas, some sunflower seed butter of Sheila's (not raw), four goody balls, and 1/2 an avocado.

Dinner was green smoothies (lettuce, bananas, apples, kiwi, dates and water); almonds; coconut; and orange juice.  I sliced a canteloupe for Travis to eat, but I didn't eat any of it.

We bought two kerosene lanterns at an estate sale for $4.00 a piece.

I learned something important from a John Kohler video the other day.  We have been watering our garden with city water that has chlorine added to it.  The chlorine is put into the water to kill bacteria.  That water also kills the much desired bacteria in our soil.  Perhaps that is the reason our garden has not produced as well as we had hoped.  We need to dechlorinate the water before watering our plants.  Here is an example of a garden hose dechlorinater available on Amazon.  Gard N Gro Garden Hose Dechlorinator.  Why didn't I already know this?

That raises the question of what is the chlorine doing to us.  I have been lax about keeping water on hand from the Hot Springs fountain and have been using the filtered refrigerator water and tap water.  No more.  And what about the water we shower in?  It would be nice to get some filters for the showers so we can take chlorine free showers.  Amazon sells those, too.  Shower Dechlorinator Filter.

Juicing is one of the best ways to add raw foods to our diets.  Most people have all kinds of attachments and addictions to foods that make them unwilling to totally forsake the cultural foods and eat a simple, natural diet.  Adding juices and smoothies to our diets is a good first step.  A fruit smoothie at lunch and a vegetable juice at dinner is a worthy goal.  That combined with giving up sodas and energy drinks will work wonders for building health. 

Mankind's problems are difficult.  The solutions are easy. The laws of nature are always simple.   The answer is already inside of you.  You know what it is.  If you ask, you will receive.  -From a Dan McDonald video.  

To health and happiness.

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