Friday, January 25, 2013

A Healthy Mind

We are trying to get with Dr. Fielder via Skype to discuss a few things with him.  I want to get his opinion on some of the things we have going on health-wise right now.  So far we have not been able to connect with him.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have simplified my diet so that it is similar to the one served at the Clohesy River Health Farm.  Lunch was Green smoothie, avocado, trail mix and goody balls.  Dinner was salad, sauerkraut, veggie cocktail, avocado, and goody balls.

We got a little sun on Wednesday by sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway.  It was in the 50's, but the heat from the sun was nice and toasty.

We went to the fitness center and worked out, too.  I hope I am getting fit.  I still look pretty dumpy when I see myself in the mirrors.  Hopefully, that will improve.

My Natural Living lesson was about Professor Dr. Edmond Bordaux Szekely.  He is originator of the term Biogenic Living.  He was one of Dr. Fielder's mentors....who is my mentor.  Dr. Szekely translated many ancient texts including The Essene Gospel of Peace.

I read an article by Keki R. Sidwha in his out of print book The Quintessence of Natural Living about psychiatry and mental health.  He claimed that psychiatry as it is practiced today is falling apart at the seams.  It is a branch of orthodox medicine which is based on magic.

It's fashionable now to take pills in order to sleep.  The body then becomes addicted to the sleeping pills.  They make people more anxious and depressed in the long run.

We are more competent when we are not taking barbituates.  The prescriptions are supposed to "cure" depression, insomnia, and anxiety, but they are not always very successful at that.  Sometimes they make the conditions worse.  Not only that, but they affect intelligence, especially in children.  People just assume that drugs prescribed by physicians are good.  Meanwhile, the damage is done.

It's easier to take a drug than to face up to the possibility that our mental or nervous problems could be caused by our own misbehavior and unnatural living habits.

"Bad nutrition, lack of exercise, polluted air, lack of sunshine, insufficient rest and sleep, enervating mental and emotional habits, the taking of drugs, medicines and social poisons like tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, and alchohol all lead to toxemic tissues resulting in break down of brain cells and nervous tissues" - Keki Sidwha

Alcohol is the cause of a lot of illness and death.  An alcoholic will miss about four times more work than normal, and they will die about 10 or 12 years sooner.  About 4% of Americans are alcoholics.  Sad thing is that doctors are not that successful in treating addiction. They are better at causing it.  People are lulled into a false sense of security by drug dependency.

Illness is very profitable for the pharmaceutical companies.  The most profitable drugs are those that cause dependency.  Drug companies, tobacco companies, and those that sell adult beverages all exploit our addictions.

The brain is just like our physical bodies in that it responds to the conditions it finds itself in...both inside and outside.  Chemicals, drugs, and toxins can interfere with the brain working normally.  How we are taught to behave and whether we have the interest and intelligence to learn the lessons life brings our way also affects the brain function. 

No disease has just a single cause.

"Medicines do most good when there is a tendency to recover without them."  - A witty physician

All healing is a biological process and all recovery is self-recovery.

The secret to happiness is to accept all that life brings, the good, the bad, and the indifferent.  When we are prepared to face whatever comes we can start truly living.

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