Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Setting Boundaries.

It is good to be getting back into my routine.

I don't want to be trapped into a box of programmed thinking where I am afraid to even consider ideas that are strange to me.  There is always the chance that I might learn something that will free me to live closer to reality.  But when it comes to living in harmony with Universal Law and the Laws of Nature, we are wise to make a plan and then live within the boundaries we set up for ourselves.  The only way out of the  matrix of the programming is by using our intelligence and our will power.  So we need a plan and the discipline to stick to it until we can develop a new set of references.

There is always an event...a holiday...a celebration...to tempt us to conform to someone else's idea of what is best for us.  Our choice is to either make an excuse or to empower ourselves to be different and follow our plan for optimal health.

My two steps forward one step back progression on my health journey has to a great extent been caused by listening to too many voices.  I know what the plan is that allows for every single thing I need while eliminating everything unnecessary.  It is the ideal.  There is nothing to sell and nothing to buy on this plan.  It is universally available anywhere on the planet at any economic level.  It has the markings of universal truth.

The problem is that so many charismatic teachers have videos and postings and books on raw foods or vegan foods or healthy whole foods with recipes using exotic and expensive ingredients and they compound this teaching with cures for symptoms using herbs and foods and other alternative products. Many times they are selling such cures.  It is always a distraction from the simple, natural lifestyle.

I had an experience last night where I made a smoothie from one such recipe that has left me sick and nauseous this morning.  So on this blog and in my practice, going forward, I will be focusing more on straight nature cure and natural hygiene.  It's not glamorous, but is is beautiful and true.

I am super excited about this. I hope I can inspire you to consider going this way, too.  The way out of our problems is not so much an adding something new as it is a letting go of what is not serving us.  This is where setting up boundaries will be exciting and creative.  When we know what is real and what is good for us, we can put everything else outside the boundary, and then our quest will be to see just how much awesomeness we can create out of what remains.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. Liquid sunshine on a rainy day.
Lesson from The Quintessence of Natural Living:

Natural Hygiene maintains that cooked food is dead food. The body considers processed and cooked food to be a hostile invader and tries to wipe it out. White blood cells (leucocytes) rush to the intestines as soon as cooked food enters the mouth.  This is called digestive leucocytosis. Until the research of Paul Kouchakoff back in the 1930's, this process was thought to be a normal reaction to the eating of food.  But Kouchakoff's research showed that when food is eaten raw, digestive leucocytosis does not occur. The number of white blood cells does not increase when raw food is eaten; however, processed or cooked foods trigger the white blood cells to mobilize.  Leucocytosis also does not occur if you eat something raw before you eat something cooked, so when any cooked food is to be eaten, always eat a salad first.

The problem with leucocytosis it that when the white blood cells rush to the intestines to deal with the cooked food the rest of the body is left undefended.  If this happens three times a day, everyday without end, it strains the immune system.  Raw foods leave the white blood cells free for other tasks.

A high raw diet is beneficial to health because the raw foods affect the body on a cellular level. They raise microelectric potential throughout the body. The cells have increased electrical potential because of their "aliveness". Metabolic functions are heightened. Congestion and swelling in tissues decreases. Cell respiration increases. Resistance to illness improves. Healing processes are speeded up. What more could we ask?

Amazon Subscribe and Save delivery. These are items that I cannot get easily locally....some of these I will be eliminating from future orders.  Total order: $162.42.  5 Lbs garbanzo beans as they are supposed to be easier to digest than other beans. Organic spirulina powder - I don't think I will need this. 3 bags of organic coffee - for the house...not for me. Mother Earth Dried Tomato Flakes. Simpliherbs Klamath Blue Green Algae - per Dr. Michael Gregor's recommendation. Don't think I will need this going forward. Lacuma Powder. Hemp Oil. Lemongrass Tea. Pure Coconut Water - will probably cancel this and just use water.

This weeks grocery haul from Walmart and Village Nutrition. Total  $96.16

Food prep for the day:
Apple juice for 2 - Used 6 apples
Orange Juice for 1 - Used 4 oranges
Veggie Cocktail for 2 - Used 6 stalks celery,  6 carrots, 1/2 orange bell pepper, 1 beet.
Salad for Travis - spring mix, tomato, cucumber, onion
Blended salad for me - spring mix, tomato, cucumber, 6 stalks celery, 4 mini tricolor peppers, juice of a lime, 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast

Lunch: Apple juice; 1/2 avocado

Afternoon:  Orange juice; 1/4 mini watermelon

Dinner: Blended salad; veggie cocktail

After dinner I made the smoothie that made me sick and ate some sunflower seeds. I am not going to share the recipe. Suffice it to say it had raw chocolate in it.

I walked over 10,000 steps today!  And jumped on the rebounder for just a couple of minutes.

To health and happiness.

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