Saturday, April 15, 2017

Knowledge is Power

One of the principles of living your best life is to make your surroundings as beautiful as you can. We made an offer on a nice wrought iron patio set yesterday at an estate sale  We have had some cheap green plastic Adirondack chairs and a green plastic table on our lower deck for a couple of years, and they were nice and looked pretty, but every time the wind would blow they would end up out in the woods.  The last storm demolished them to the point we have one chair left.  The umbrella ended up in a tree!  The estate sale people called yesterday evening and informed us that we won the bid, so we will be going to pick up our new patio set this morning.  Our lower deck will once again be a nice place to sit and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.

A tip for a snack while traveling.  You can buy chia seeds at Walmart or your grocery store in small packs or in larger packages.  You can also buy pomegranate juice.  Put your water in a large cup, add some pomegranate juice, maybe even some super green powder that you can carry with you, and pour in the chia seeds.  After it sets up for a few minutes, you can either eat it with a spoon or drink it down.

John Rose explained that we all have a base of knowledge, but we don't have all knowledge.  Think about what you know as being represented by a circle that is within all the knowledge there is.  Outside your circle is everything you don't know that you don't know.  The line that defines your circle represents everything you know you don't know.  The bigger your circle of knowledge, the line also gets bigger and there will be more that you know you don't know.  That is what motivates us to apply the knowledge we have and to learn and grow.  We need to know more and more about how to live, and how to satisfy our needs, and how to learn the consequences of right and wrong actions.  We know we don't have all knowledge, because we still have problems.  When we have the knowledge and we are willing to apply it, we will have fewer problems.

A view from our deck.
Lesson from the Quintessence of Natural Living:
Natural Hygiene is not a system of cures to replace the medical modality.  It is an alternative to medicine, not alternative medicine. Natural Hygiene teaches fasting, diet, rest, sunshine, fresh air, etc., but these are not for the cure of disease.  It is deeper than that, because it is a complete way of living.  The more we learn to cooperate with natural law the better life we will have. It is not just a way to cure whatever sickness your are experiencing.

It is true that cooperating with Nature can "cure" your disease, but it will also be beneficial in every facet of your being. Natural Hygiene is in fact a philosophy of life that is to be followed every day whether you are sick or not.

Disease does not just happen by accident; there is always a cause.  When the cause is eradicated, the disease can be removed.  Fasting, rest, good diet, fresh air, exercise all help the body to repair, regenerate and heal, and it also helps the illness of mind and spirit.

It is empowering to finally be able to admit that our sufferings are due to our mistakes in living, because then we can accept the responsibility to try and correct them.
We bought this beautiful arrangement at our local Walmart.
Food prep for the day:
Green smoothies for 2 - herbs from the garden, 2 bananas, some spring mix, 3/8 papaya, 3/8 pineapple, 1 can coconut water, 2 scoops chia seeds.

Salad for Travis - spring mix, onion, cucumber, tomato.  He added a can of tuna.

Blended salad for me - tomato, cucumber, lemon juice, 3 mini tricolor peppers, 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast, 1 bunch celery hearts, 1 small head of romaine, 2 Tbsp sauerkraut

Heated up a can of no salt added black beans.

LUNCH: green smoothie; 2 mangos; 1 pink lady apple with almond butter; 1/2 avocado with grated coconut; 1/2 grapefruit

DINNER; blended salad; kombucha; chia seed crackers; steamed potatoes left over from yesterday; black beans; onion

To health and happiness.

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