Monday, April 10, 2017

Detoxify the Body and Heal the Heart

I am enjoying still being on mostly liquids here at my mountaintop home.  It's been amazing, with a few ups and downs, but nevertheless, still juicy and sweet.  It's beautiful, and I am happy.   The best part is the beautiful people in my life. I took my grandson, Connor, on a birthday shopping trip last Saturday, and he said, "You know the best present is friends and family".  That sums it up, doesn't it?

Juice fasting can serve more than one purpose, You can start out juice fasting because you want to lose weight or detoxify, but fasting also brings emotional issues to the surface to be dealt with. There are lessons to learn and forgiveness to experience.  Healing must take place on different levels. It truly is amazing.  You may start out to heal your body and end up healing your heart.

I love to be around people that are working on themselves and trying to heal.  You want to hug them and take care of them and let them know they are safe with you and vice versa.  You can share with them and there is no judgement.

I am sharing on this blog as a way of connecting with you...with everybody.  That is what this life is all about.  We don't live in a vacuum, and as Connor says...friends and family are what is important.  I include all of you are are working on healing and living the simple natural life as friends and family, too.  It is a heart connection.

Lesson from The Quintessence of Natural Living:
Cooking deforms proteins. When proteins are heated some of the amino acids experience change in their molecular structure so that the digestive system  cannot process them. They are useless, and some are completely destroyed. If you grill a steak, you lose the amino acids cystine, lysine, and glutamine. Not only is it wasteful, but we have to eat more to get the amino acids we need.  That is risky because a high protein diet is linked to early aging and degenerative diseases.

Nearly 10% of proteins are changed when milk is pasteurized. 75% is lost in bottle sterilization.  There is also evidence that cooked proteins of milk, meat, and eggs bind with other minerals, thus making them unavailable for the body to use, also. Pasteurization of milk destroys the phosphatases enzymes which makes the calcium insoluble.  Hot milk causes constipation.

There is another danger in cooking fats because the fatty acids are changed.  They cannot be assimilated, become poisonous and carcinogenic. Frying is the most dangerous method of cooking. There are essential fatty acids in cold pressed oils, nuts, butter, avocados and milk, but when these foods are cooked the fatty acids are converted to trans fatty acids, and they are no longer usable by the body.  So if you are eating cooked fats you can still be deficient in fatty acid.

Natural oils, when used for frying, are changed into poisonous compounds that cause damaging structural changes to cell membranes, cell nuclei, and proteins. Some of these oxidizers are cancer inducing. Animals fed on heated oils in the laboratory developed diseases and died earlier than those fed only cold pressed oil with their diet.  See the research of Dr. Rakel Kurkela from the University of Helsinki.
Oops. Always be sure the pulp catcher is lined up correctly before juicing.

Saturday I was out shopping with Connor almost all my food for the day was an orange juice I made before I left home, lemon grass tea I made at home, an Acai Berry Boost at Tropical Smoothie at lunch time and a Blimey Limey smoothie at Tropical Smoothie in the afternoon. When I got home I made a blended soup with greens and veggies.  The Blimey Limey smoothie did not sit well.  I woke up the next morning with a sick sweet taste in my mouth.  I don't think the smoothies at Tropical Smoothie are good to eat very often.  I noticed they were using syrups instead of fruit for many of their flavors.

Connor and me at Tropical Smoothie.
I had a chat with Dr. Fielder yesterday.  He affirmed that I can stay on juices or mostly liquids as long as I feel like it, so I am going to continue on for a few more days.  He also re-iterated that we need less food than we usually eat, and we need very little concentrated food.

Food prep for the day:
Green smoothie (spinach, 2 Tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 papaya, 1/8 pineapple, 2 bananas, 1 cup frozen cherries, 4 large strawberries, water)
Fruit Salad to take to church (1/4 papaya, 1/8 pineapple, 2 bananas, 4 strawberries, juice of an orange, 1/2 cup walnuts)

Lunch: Green smoothie
After church I ate a handful of almonds and a little raw sprouted granola.  I did not like the way I felt after eating the concentrated foods.

I got a 30 minute sunbath after church.

Dinner:  Blended soup (kale, tomato, four small tri-color bell peppers, 1 cucumber, 2 Tbsp sauerkraut, 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast, 6 stalks celery hearts, 2 tsp flax seed oil)
and a banana.

When you drink herbal drinks, try not to drink them too hot or too strong.

Making a green smoothie.

Blended green soup.
To health and happiness.

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