Monday, April 17, 2017

Avoid All Negative Stress

I made juices on Sunday morning.  Looks like Easter.

I watched a John Kohler video yesterday about how he saves $1000 a month on his fresh produce.  Every month he drives four hours to the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal where he fills up his vehicle with boxes of fresh produce.  While that is not an option for me, there were some good ideas that make sense for getting the most out of my food dollar.

My best option will be to shop at my Walmart and Food Wise, maybe start checking out Sam's club, and shopping the farmer's market.  My favorite takeaway points from the video were:
 - Go through the berries or other produce when you get home and remove any that are bad or starting to go bad
- Check the fruit and veggies every day
- Whatever is about to go bad is what you eat that day
- If more of the produce is about to go bad than you can eat today then either freeze it, juice it, or dehydrate it.

The subject of biophotons is one that I want to explore.  John Rose said the only law we need in order to have a better life and a better world is to require everyone to have a minimum biophoton level.  The way we raise our biophoton level is to eat fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetable.  Eat the light.

No negative stress on this rainy day.

Lesson from The Quintessence of Living:
Stress is part of life.  It is the degree of stress that determines whether it affects your wellbeing. Too much stress can make you sick with high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, migraines, and a host of other ailments. It can also cause emotional sickness  such as depression, insomnia, and tiredness.

Stress can keep us from being able to cope with our problems, and it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.  It can lead to health problems and family problems.

We need to know how to deal with stress rather than just suppressing our anger, or worrying about how to make ends meet, or running crazily on the hamster wheel of success.

Stress does not have to be a negative thing.  We can control how we react to stressful situations by controlling our minds and emotions. We will have stress as long as we are alive.  Positive stress is stress that pushes us to perform at our very best, or that protects us in dangerous situations.  But it becomes debilitating is we feel this pressure so frequently that the body becomes enervated.

One of the principles of healing is to avoid stress.  What can you do to avoid unnecessary stress?

Getting low on produce.  Time to go grocery shopping.

Food prep for the day:
Made juices:
celery juice; apple juice; veggie cocktails (broccoli stems, pear, beet, carrots, celery); orange juice.

Made green smoothies: herbs from garden, 3 bananas, 1/4 papaya, can of coconut water, frozen tropical fruit, blueberries

We drove to Magazine for church with the family.  I had lemongrass tea and celery juice before we left and an orange juice on the way.

LUNCH:  I didn't eat at church.  On the way home I had apple juice, a green smoothie, and some tropical trail mix.

DINNER:  Veggie cocktail, blended salad left from the day before, chia seed crackers, and some garbanzo beans I cooked the day before.

To health and happiness.

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