Thursday, April 6, 2017

Raw Food Diet and Health

It is still a resting day so read, watched raw food YouTube videos, and slept.  I did a little work that could not wait. I prepared some food and prepared six packages to ship. We have an eBay Store that we enjoy. called The Village Gypsy. I got the boxes ready and Travis took them to FedX and the Post Office.  Travis also went to Food Wise for carrots, beets, and 3 bags of oranges. Total cost $17.59.  I will be breaking my fast with orange juice.
A beautiful day in Hot Springs Village.
Most people want to fit it with the group, and I do, too, but have you noticed that the things about you that are different are the things that interest people.  That unique thing about you is what attracts attention. Sometimes it makes us want to repress the uniqueness because it does make us feel different.

Many times we try to hide our gifts because we are afraid of rejection and loss if we are perceived as being too different, but hiding does not make us happy. Almost without fail, when we first begin to express ourselves in an authentic way, it will upset somebody. This can hurt our feelings and make us want to go back into hiding.

If we can learn to stand out in our uniqueness with courage, and be honest about how we feel when we have our feelings hurt or feel left out, we can learn to express love from that place.  With these feelings we will know how to empathize with the sadness and tragedy we see in the world.  By respecting our own feelings, we can respect others.

The things that hurt our feelings are not an excuse to lash out, but rather an incentive to treat others the way we would prefer to be treated. The intention is to learn to feel hurt and be at peace with it.
Lucy and I took a little walk on this path at the POA office.

There have been doctors over the years that have become advocates for the raw food diet. Dr. Max Gerson was a famous medical doctor that developed a protocol for a diet based cancer therapy.  This program has had a great deal of success.  His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, carries on the work at a clinic in Mexico as they are no longer allowed to practice in the United States. He became interested in diet  because he had severe migraine headaches which the doctors could not help.  He experimented with an all fruit diet for many days, and his headaches went away. He concluded that his eating habits were the cause of his suffering. Dr. Gerson worked with many terminal cancer patients, and the raw food regime enabled many of them to survive. Raw foods destroys cancer cells by improving respiration at the cellular level.

In the Quintessence of Natural Living by Keki Sidhwa we learn of Dr. Kristine Nolfi who went on a raw food diet to cure her breast cancer.   Dr. Norman Walker went on a raw food diet to get rid of pains of neuritis.  He lived to be 116 years old.  Here is a link: Dr. Norman W. Walker

Dr. Weston Price concluded that a high level of health is almost impossible on any diet that is not rich in raw foods.  Francis Pottenger experimented on cats fed with raw milk, meat and bones vs cats fed on condensed milk and cooked meat. The cats on the raw diet were healthy, the cats on the cooked foods were not healthy and passed the damage on from generation to generation.  It shows us that we inherit damage from eating cooked food, and it takes four generations to completely turn it around.

Food prep for the day:
Celery juice for 1
Apple juice for 1
Veggie cocktail for 1
These juices were for Travis, and he went out for dinner with his buddies.

I broke my fast about 8:00 p.m. with orange juice.

Health and happiness to all.

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