Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Taking it Easy

I am just taking it easy right now, doing the work that I have to do and resting and reading quite a bit. I have been watching my favorite raw food YouTubers...Tannyraw, JonnyJuicer, Dan the Life Regenerator, John Rose, FullyRawKristina, and Dara Dubinet.  I also watched a full length feature called One Man One Cow One Planet.  This film is about the rebuilding of the soil after it has been destroyed by chemicals, and thus restoring the family farms in India so that they can support a family. I recommend it to everyone to watch.  My favorite take away quote from the film - "Instead of fighting the problem, live the solution."

When our immune systems breakdown, we are on track to develop degenerative diseases. The body produces lymphocytes that help us deal with viruses and bacteria that are present to help the body clean itself up.  Eating raw foods help build up lymphocytes that give us resistance to sickness. A raw food diet keeps us in tune and also gives us more awareness. The raw food diet has successfully "cured" many different serious conditions for thousands of years.  There are numerous references that we may talk about at another time.

I have been interested in studying about the peasantry.  At Dr. Fielders farm I read a book called The Restoration of the Peasantries by G. T. Wrench. Now I am reading Into Their Labours by John Berger.  My friend, Karl, has enjoyed reading both of these books, and he called...excited...yesterday to tell me I must read The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea. He says it is about the I bought it on my Kindle and will be reading it soon.

I am toying with the idea of trying to grow microgreens.  I have a windowseat in my dining room that could become an indoor garden.

Food Prep for the day:
Celery Juice for 1 (1 bunch of celery)
Apple Juice for 1 (3 apples)

Travis had the celery juice and the apple juice. After that he was on his own. While he was out golfing and finding food he took these pictures of the lovely place where we live.  Blessed.

Taken on Magellan Golf Course

Sunset on Lake Balboa

Health and happiness to all.

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