Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gardening as Exercise

I had an idea yesterday on how to maximize my time.  I am wanting to spend more time in my yard and garden, but there has not been enough time to get everything done. So why not use the yard and garden time as my exercise time.  Instead of walking the dog, I will try taking her out in the garden with me and let her exercise herself.  Instead of walking 3 miles around the block, I can weed and work in the yard.

If you want to learn about growing things in your yard, check out Growing Your Greens on YouTube. It is John Kohler's channel.  He also has a channel called OKRaw where he talks more about the food you eat.  I have decided his channels are the best ones for me to follow right now since I want to start working in the yard instead of walking.

I bought some Mallow 'Mystic Merlin' Malva Sylvestris seeds from eBay.  25 seeds.  It will be a perennial shrub with edible leaves and flowers.

I have started modifying all my recipes to make them fall within the boundaries I have adopted for living simply and naturally.  Even if a recipe comes from a famous raw food guru, it does not mean it is healthy and is in harmony with the laws of life.
Spring is officially here. Travis has filled the planters with flowers he bought at the Magnet Cove FFA greenhouse.
Lesson from the Quintessence of Natural Living.
It does not take a long time for a raw or nearly all raw diet to eliminate accumulated wastes and toxins. It restores your sodium and potassium balance and your acid-alkaline balance. It give the cells the nutrients they need for optimal function. The cells can better take up the oxygen they need to release energy.

Since raw foods are alkaline they work for us in cases of degenerative diseases. They help the pancreas produce cancer fighting enzymes.   Hans Neiper was an alternative medical practitioner who helped people with incurable diseases. He believed if we could break down the protective mucus around the cancer cells with the pancreatic enzymes, then the cancer cells would become vulnerable to the body's immune system. The enzymes chymotrypsin, trypsin, and the bromelains, and the vitamin betacarotene in raw fruits and vegetables also have this power.

Living fresh foods contain enzymes that seem to boost our body's depleted enzymes. Crystallography shows that the raw foods have an energy of their own, and that may be one reason fresh raw foods are good for you.

The human body functions best on an 80-90% raw diet. We will be stronger and faster and more supple on  lower protein.

A high raw food diet combats aging. People who eat this way can look ten years younger than their age. This rejuvenation is not is not just skin deep.  It happens at the physiological and biochemical level. Tests related to aging such as cholesterol, lipids, and blood pressure reveal changes for the better. Raw diets may even help reduce the severity of dementia.
I made this salad and veggie cocktail for Travis' dinner.

Food prep for the day:
Celery juice for 1 using 1 bunch of celery hearts.
Veggie cocktail for 1 using  3 carrots, 1 beet, 3 celery stalks, a bunch of parsley, and 1/2 apple
Orange juice for 1 using 6 oranges.
Salad for Travis (spring mix, salad cucumber, tomato, radish, and 1/4 of an onion)

Food for the day:
I water fasted through breakfast and lunch.
Travis' Breakfast: celery juice

Travis' Lunch : apple juice and avocado

Dinner:  Travis had the salad, avocado, and a veggie cocktail
My dinner was an orange juice and 1/4 of a mini watermelon.

After flute rehearsal I had four of the small yellow honey mangoes.

To health and happiness.
Beauty in the yard.

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