Friday, April 7, 2017

Raw Food vs Cooked Food

My plan for the next few days is to have mostly liquids.  John Rose says at the end of every video that when you take a solid food vacation, you are in for a treat!  The time of water fasting was a little rough, with some headaches and feeling sick, but it was worth it.  I lost about five pounds, and I am feeling stronger.

Being on all liquids is not really fasting, it is a juice feast.  I did a juice fast probably ten years ago for about three weeks...maybe a little longer...which healed a severe toothache, so I know the body can heal on juices.

I think when I am feasting on mostly liquids, I will be getting more nutrients than most people do.  I will be having greens and proteins and fibers.  I will be using my Vitamix to blend the food.

I will be using my dry brush on my body every day before I bathe, and jumping for a few minutes on my rebounder to get the circulation going.

It's been amazing, and this part should be really easy.  I plan to have fun with it, and try to see how good I can feel.  I don't feel like I am missing anything.

I hope you are inspired to try a solid food vacation.  If you do, you may find that it is not that hard and it feels good.  It is a good spring cleaning.
Beauty in the neighborhood.
Lessons from The Quintessence of Natural Living:
The raw food diet has been catching on in our present time.  Everyone knows that cooked foods will sustain life, but there is a question if they can regenerate and sustain health. Unless you are lucky enough to be born with exceptional genes, cooked food can bring about the progressive degeneration of cells and tissues. Cooking at high temperature changes the nature of the proteins, fat and fiber which may make them harmful.

Dr. Masanore Kuratsune was the head of the medical department of the University of Kynshu, Japan. He performed an experiment on himself and his wife. He used the diet fed to Japanese prisoners of war in World War II to compare the effects of raw and cooked foods.  During the war the prisoners were fed less than 900 calories a day of brown rice, vegetables and a little fruit.  This diet by no means is a sufficient diet, and we have all seen pictures of how prisoners look on a starvation diet like this.

Dr. Kuratsune and his wife followed a raw version of this diet broken up into three periods of the year.  They did 120 days in winter, 32 days in summer, and 81 days in spring.  During this time Mrs. Kuratsune was breast feeding a baby, and both she and her husband continued to do their usual work. Both remained in good health.

Then they both switched to eating the same diet in cooked form and all the symptoms of hunger and disease that devastated the prisoners of war showed up.  They had to abandon their experiment.  The inadequate diet that maintained their health as raw food did damage when it was eaten cooked.

A lovely papaya.

Food prep for the day:
Orange Juice, celery juice, apple juice, veggie cocktail.

I went to Walmart for a few items and spent $22.64.  Bought celery hearts, parsley, Traditional Medicinal tea called Everyday Detox, and some bottled water.

I had orange juice through the day.
Late in the day I had a papaya...a whole papaya...and about 10 almonds.

Don't worry about Travis. He is having some juices and finding what he needs. He and his friend, Karl,  went to lunch together yesterday.

To health and happiness.

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