Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skyping Mom

I got up at 4:00 and read my eleven chapters in the Bible.  At 6:00 I went to the computer to check on Mom.  Good news!  My brother posted that they had removed the Bipap machine, her oxygen levels were good, she was fussing, and eating like a little pig.

Travis used his iphone to let me talk to Mom on Skype.  She still looks pretty weak to me, but everyone says she is much better.  It was good to see her, and she was glad to see me.  She said, "You are my darling girl".  I said, "You are my darling Momma".  Bro. Adam, our pastor, was there during the Skype call so I got to see him, too.  I got to be there via Skype while he knelt beside her bed and prayed.  So precious!

More bad news from Arkansas.  My friend, Mary, fell and broke her ankle.  She had surgery to fix it up and will be hobbling around all winter.  Total bummer.  Here's hoping for a speedy and perfect healing.

Qantas Airlines has grounded all their flights due to a labor dispute.  It's a good thing I am not having to get home to Arkansas today  I would be stranded.  God's mercies are new every morning.

I mowed grass today from 8:00 until 11:30.  Ian helped John feed trees.  After cleaning up, we had a wonderful lunch of papaya, avocado, yellow sapote, mango, banana with macadamia nut spread, young coconut water, young coconut meat, and grated coconut.  I was so full!

No news from Mom after lunch.  I trust she is still improving.

I typed my Pediatrics lesson on childhood diseases and sent it to John.  In Nature Cure, we treat the childhood diseases with fasting until the crisis is over.  Break the fast with fruit juice for a couple of days, then fruit for a day or so, then gradually back to regular Nature Cure diet.

We consulted with Ian at 2:00.  ...You must find the best food possible.  It needs to organically grown, if possible, but it also needs to be grown by growers who take care of their soil. Not all organic growers properly care for their soil.  The best answer is to grow you own food when you can.

The fact that you have a gut indicates that you are not in a very healthy state.  You don't have to look any further.  A gut indicates mal-nourishment...either not enough food as in third world countries...or too much food that has had the nutrients processed out of it as in the Western world.

It does not matter how much you sleep as long as you rest when you are tired.  Rest includes quieting the chattering mind.

Mushrooms are okay to add to salads.

Mom is still in ICU.  She is breathing on her own, but she is still on a dopamine drip to keep her blood pressure up.  I sure hope and pray she continues to improve.  God love her.

I started another knitted cap.  This one will be for my son-in-law, Ken.  I will probably do my son, Crockett, another one.  The first one I made him is pretty big.  LOL.

Supper was tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

I listened to a Bruce Lipton DVD about The Biology of Transformation while I knitted on Ken's cap.

To health and happiness.

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