Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning How

I slept until 5:30.  I read my ten Bible chapters.  I have 560 more chapters to read and 53 days to read them.  It looks like I need to read eleven chapters a day, doesn't it?  Since one of the books I am reading in is Psalms, I can start reading three Psalms a day instead of two.

I checked emails and Facebook this morning.  My first job today was mowing.  I mowed until the mower ran out of gas.  Then I swept the porch at the dining room, weeded the melons, and helped John mulch one of the trees.

Ian walked for two hours this morning.  That's great!

John and I prepared lunch then got cleaned up for lunch.  For lunch, Eddie had 1/2 of a papaya as his introduction back into eating.  The rest of us had papaya, banana with macadamia spread, avocado, sapadilla, star apples, and grated coconut.

John went to Mareeba to take one of his lawn mowers and his weed-eater.  The lawn mower lost a wheel and needs some other adjustments, the weed-eater won't start.  He dropped them off at Honda for repair.  I went along for the ride.

I heard from my sister, Sheila, on Facebook message today.  She has lots going on in her life.  It was good to hear from her.

We had consultation with Eddie.  Eddie asked John about using spiralina.  John says you are better off eating greens from your garden or from the organic market.  Eddie found the fast to have many benefits for gaining clarity on questions that were on his heart.  He is ready to incorporate some of these insights into his life.  I remember reading how in the U.S. in years past we had leaders who would pray and fast before making decisions.

We had another long session with Ian.  John advised him against using any alcohol at all.  Also, he advised against using any grains.

Ian, Eddie, and I visited outside the cabins in the afternoon.  Ian has many questions about the lifestyle.  John is trying to impress upon Ian that in his condition he has to be squeaky clean.  Eddie and I were trying to re-enforce that and give him ideas on how he can live that way and enjoy his life at the same time.

I can't spend so much time chatting if I am going to have time to study my lessons and practice my flute.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and dates.

I finished listening to the Eric Pearl DVD and started on a Bruce Lipton DVD...while knitting on the cap.

To health and happiness.

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