Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ian's Consultation

I slept until 6:00.  Imagine that!  I started the day by reading my Bible chapters.

I ran the mower today from 8:00 until 10:30.  When the mower ran out of gas, I  quit.  I swept the porch around the dining room after I put up the mower.  John prepared lunch, and I fixed Eddie's mandarin juice.

I took Eddie his juice, then got my shower.  John went for his daily dip in the river.  On his way back from the river he always walks by the cabin and shouts out, "Lunch in five".  I was here about three weeks before I figured out what he was saying.

Ian was nowhere to be found when it was time for lunch.  I looked in his cabin and in the office.  We decided to ring the bell up at the dining room and finally he came running down the hill from Jonathon's house

Lunch was delicious.  The food has tasted so good to me for the last couple of days!  We had grated coconut, custard apple, avocado, papaya, banana with macadamia nut spread, and sapadilla.  Ian was full of questions about the diet and lifestyle.

After lunch I checked emails and Facebook.  Not much from home today, so I played a couple of games of Mahjong Titans.

Consultation with Eddie was at 2:00.  Then we met with Ian for a very long consultation.  Ian is new to Nature Cure and has lots to learn and unlearn.  He is "building his house during the storm" so to speak.

Little things that came up during the consultation:
Your body can not digest anything that is more than 1 degree below body temperature.  Everything you eat should be body temperature but less than 105 degrees.

Don't live by an electric transformer.

Flouride is a deadly poison.  Don't use it.  It is a by-product of the aluminum industry, the fertilizer industry, and in the manufacture of high explosives.  It is used in rat poison.

Von Liebig's Law of the Minimum:  A plant's growth is limited by the least available nutrient in the soil.

Alcohol is a protoplasmic poison and we are protoplasm.

I practiced my flute.  It sounded awful as I am trying to learn to play high F, G, and A.

Supper was delicious.  We had the usual tomatoes, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and dates.  Ian also had some celery from the garden.

Ian and I visited at the cabins about some of the ways he can incorporate the simple, natural lifestyle while living in an apartment in Sydney.  I suggested he find some markets where he can enjoy shopping for organic fruits and veggies; have lunches of ripe fruits and nuts; have salad dinners with sauerkraut, nuts and dates; find somewhere to exercise...maybe a Tai Chi class; find a church he can enjoy going to; pray; walk; be outside in the sun and fresh air as much as possible.

I watched some of the Eric Pearl DVD in the Living the Field The Biology of Transformation set while I knitted.  Then I read a little while.

To health and happiness.

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