Friday, October 28, 2011

Worried About Mom

The alarm went off at 3:30 so we could go to Cairns today.  Ian went with us this time.

First stop was Rusty's Market.  John bought papaya, sapadillas, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, avocados, oranges, and two watermelons.

Next stop was the radio station.  I got to use one of the computers to check on things at home.  I'm worried about my ninety-year-old Mom.  She has pneumonia and, of course, is being treated with traditional medicine...just the opposite of Nature Cure.  She has lived her whole life with medical care, though.  She is being given high-powered anti-biotics and kept in the hospital.  I am praying she will pull through, and we will have a wonderful Christmas together.

Most people view infection as an enemy to be killed.  In Nature Cure we see it as beneficial...come to clean up the morbid matter that robs our vitality.  Once the lifestyle is changed to stop causing the accumulation of toxins there is no problem with infection.  Mom, at 90, is full of morbid matter.  Her feet and legs are very swollen, her stomach is large....but I would not try to get her to cleanse at this stage of life.   It would take great faith to walk away from what she has always believed....and what most everyone else believes...and trust the process of the body.  She is such a fighter and has rallied time after time when others counted her out.  I would love to see what she would be like at 90 had she known the laws of nature all her life and followed them.  She would be a humdinger, I imagine.

Ian and I had to stop at the ATM for cash.  Then we went back to Rusty's Market and John bought us those fabulous sugar cane drinks.  John bought some coconuts to take home, too.

We went to the co-op where John spent $100 for pecans and dates.  Pecans are expensive here...twice the price of almonds.  John likes pecans better than almonds, though.

I mailed a package of my things home today...$160.00  Way too expensive.  But I mailed it anyway.  I already had it boxed up and ready to go.  It will save more room in my suitcase for little gifts to take home.

I went to the souvenir shop and bought some little koala bears, kangaroo tattoos, book marks, and caps.  My debit card was declined in the shop.  I walked outside and used it in the ATM and it worked fine.

Last stop was the laundry.  Then we headed back over the mountain to the farm.  Ian and I helped John put up the groceries.  Lunch was watermelon, avocado, and grated coconut.

My sister posted on Facebook that my husband, daughter and family went to visit Mom at the hospital.  They took her treats and she gave treats to the kids for Halloween.  It sounds like they all enjoyed being together.

Eddie went home this morning.  Ian's consultation was at 2:00.  Enemas/coffee enemas are not needed during fasting.  When the body needs a bowel movement, it will have one.  Only in extreme cases will an enema be needed.

Always remember that thirst is felt in the mouth and so is hunger.  Most people have never felt hunger.  The rumblings in the tummy have nothing to do with hunger.

Refined grains and sugars are in a chemically unstable state.  When you take them into your body, they begin to leach from your body the things needed to put them back into a stable state as much as possible.  This sets you up for the degenerative conditions so prevalent in our society.

In Ian's situation, he should never eat in a Chinese restaurant.  Ian can't afford to play around.  All Chinese restaurants use MSG.

A medical analysis is an analysis of disease.  They treat the disease.  We don't treat disease in Nature Cure.  We see the disease as the process by which the body is healing itself.  John recommended a book to read:  Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert Mendelsohn.  He says all of Robert Mendelsohn's books are worth reading.

In my own situation, I can remember when I was able to stop being afraid of my illness.  That was a turning point.  In fact, it is good to be thankful for the illness.  It is good to be on the positive side of things.  It helps to rephrase all the medical terminology we are subjected to into our terminology.

I read my Bible chapters this afternoon.  I worked on my flute.  Those high notes are giving me fits!  By high notes I mean F#, G, and A.  Do they go higher than that?  I studied my Natural Hygiene lesson on childhood diseases.  Dinner tonight was tomato, avocado, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.

I am pro-life.  I get uncomfortable when people talk about euthanasia.  The argument that we put down animals as a kindness, but fail to do the same for people is not convincing in the least.  If animals, in fact, have an advanced consciousness then we should not put them down, either.  In Viktor Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning, he makes the point that it is not all about what we can get out of life.  Sometimes it is about what life is asking from us.  So we should "man up" and be ready to live out our days with integrity all the way to the end without "checking out" because it is not fun anymore.  From a political viewpoint, laws on euthanasia will open up a whole kettle of fish regarding human rights and the sanctity of life.  Soon it would be the medical profession and the family members making the decision on whether this life is "worth" saving or not.

Societies benefit from the wisdom of its elders.  That is why it is such a shame to see our culture become one that practically ensures a weak and dependent old age.  What a blessing if we lived according to the laws of nature and could reach old age with a clear mind, a strong step, a firm handshake, and a willingness to lead.  That would make a stronger society than one lead by pampered or angry youth.  For a bright future for our nation, churches, and institutions we need to stop killing ourselves with our forks and our sedentary lifestyles.  The laws of nature and the laws of God go hand in hand.  Caleb, in the Bible, wholly followed the Lord.  At age 85 he was as strong as he was at age 45.

I knitted on the cap a little while after dinner.  I went to bed at 8:00.   Many prayers going up for my Mom.

To health and happiness.

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