Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I woke up at 1:30, turned on my light and read awhile.  I'm reading Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly.  I went back to sleep and slept until 6:00.

When I checked emails and Facebook I found out from Sheila, my sister, that Mom fell and was transported to the hospital. 

I got a sweet message from DIL, Amy.  We are missing you, too!

My job today was mowing grass.  It's such good exercise, but my arms are still flabby.  Grand-daughter, Ashlyn, is concerned about my flabby arms.  Any suggestions on how to make arms look younger will be appreciated.  The grass looks nice, though.  Ian helped John feed trees.

I had a chat with Eddie about chronic fatigue syndrome.  It is such a debilitating sickness...totally curable with Nature Cure...but hard to convince people that change of lifestyle will make such a huge difference.

I got another muddy shower, then helped John prepare lunch.  I got three letters in the mail.  Happy Day!   Two from friend, Theresa, and one from grand-daughter, Ashlyn.  Ashlyn said Cool + Awesome + Excellent = Coolawesolent.   I think she is coolawesolent!

Lunch was papaya, star apples, sapadilla, avocado, yellow sapote, banana with macadamia nut spread, and grated coconut.

I read my Bible chapters.  I slept too late to read them this morning, so I read them after lunch.

We had consultation with Eddie at 2:00....Sauerkraut is the best thing to use for stomach acidity problems, better than hydrochloric acid or other remedies...Grains prohibit the absorption of some minerals.  If you want to avoid cavities in your teeth, avoid grains...Cold sitz baths can help chronic fatigue.  A person with chronic fatigue is not digesting their food properly.

We met with Ian next....Don't blend avocado or oil in the blender.  It breaks down the fat globules until they are so small that they are absorbed into the gut at a stage of digestion when it is harmful.  It is okay to mash them and blend them with a fork...just don't whirl them in the blender or food processor...Arthritis is the accumulation of waste matter in the joints.  As you eliminate the waste, the arthritis leaves...All vegetables are herbs.  Some are edible herbs and some are medicinal herbs.  Some herbs, such as parsley, can be considered edible and medicinal.  In Nature Cure we do not use medicinal herbs.  It is okay to eat the edible herbs in their whole form.  But don't use them to make something you don't like edible....Garlic is a no-no straight across the board...Ginger is also to be avoided.  Ginger is suppressive of the function of the digestive system.  Thus it gives the impression that it is calming down your digestion.  The relief of symptoms comes at a price.

More messages from home indicate that my Mom has been admitted to the hospital. She has bronchitis and is not doing so well.  I am worried about her.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, avocado, pecans and a date.

I changed the sheets on my bed and got everything ready to go to Cairns tomorrow.  I have a box of my clothes and other things ready to mail home.

To health and happiness.

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