Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh So Worried

I heard John drive off this morning at 4:00 a.m., but I slept good up until 6:00.  I started reading my Bible readings but felt compelled to stop and go check on my Mom.  My heart sank as I saw where Bro. Lanny from my church had sent out an email asking for prayer for Mom.  The messages from my husband, sister, niece, and brother did not look good.  The doctor did not hold out much hope that she would make it through the day.  At this point, I began to seriously consider getting a flight home.  I talked to Travis on Skype, but he could not really tell me what to do.  John's DIL, Tina, came over and gave me a cuddle and encouraged me to go on home.

When John came in from Cairns, I told him I thought I needed to go home.  We began to consider the options.  I have a return ticket for December 17th.  Perhaps I could move the date on that ticket up....Option 1.  Or I could by a new round trip ticket and plan on coming back here in a couple of weeks...Option 2.  Well, option 1 required that I call American Airlines here in Australia and believe it or not they will not be in the office until Monday morning.  Option 2.  I checked prices on-line and they were sky high and there were no seats available for several days.  I called John's travel agency, Flight Centre, and they found a flight for tomorrow for $4200.  That is very expensive.

I read a little more in my Bible chapters and cleaned out my Lugable Loo while waiting for more news.

Lunch today was watermelon, yellow sapote, avocado, banana with macadamia nut spread, young coconut, and grated coconut.

I spent the whole day checking on Mom on Facebook, trying to finish my Bible chapters, and thinking about and praying for Mom.

We had consultation with Ian at 2:00.  Every surgery limits more and more of your function.  The effects of injury are permanent.  They are there for the rest of your life.

Ian has been reading about our champion, Antoine Bechamp, the discoverer of the microzyma.

Once we change the internal milieu so the organ can function as it should, so-called "miracles" happen.  The body can heal itself beyond the wildest expectations.  Regeneration is possible.

The medical care of children is becoming more and more horrific as time goes by.

Leche League is a league to support breast feeding women.

In the afternoon, the news got a little better about Mom.  She is still in ICU, but the doctor raised her odds of pulling through from 1-2% to being in her favor.  She is a trooper.  She wants to celebrate Christmas with us, and she wants to go to the Grand Canyon with my niece, Bridget.  I'm still waiting to decide on what I need to do.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and a date.  The guys have three dates.  I just can not eat that many, usually.

One last check on Mom before bed.  My sister said she was better....better enough that she decided to go home and rest.  The hospital assured her they would call if there was any change.  I am hoping and praying there will be good news in the morning.

I finished my Bible chapters and finished CHH's cap.

Ian and I found six baby watermelons on the melon vines tonight.

To health and happiness.

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