Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coconut is a Good Food

This morning we finished putting the mesh over the vegetable garden.  John decided to wait a couple of months before putting up the shade cloth.  I planted six bean plants between the lettuce.  Then I planted lettuce seed and tomato seed in small pots and six packs - one seed per container.  I planted the seeds in compost and then dipped them in kelp and fish oil water.

While watching John grate the coconut for our lunch, I  discussed with him an article I got from Mary about the wonderful benefits of coconut.  It said that coconut oil would stop symptoms of illness, rehydrate the body, rev up the metabolism, make your skin healthier, relieve stomach problems,  make your hair look good, and calm you down.  John then said, "Listen to what you are saying."  Then I had to acknowledge that in Nature Cure we are not "anti" bacteria nor do we promote suppressing healing symptoms.  As for skin and hair care, health comes from within, not from without.  You can't apply coconut oil to the exterior of the skin and expect it to make your skin healthy.  As for "doctoring" a wound, water is just as effective.  So the bottom line is, coconut is an excellent food, but in Nature Cure we don't use even the best foods as "medicines".  We concentrate on building health and the body knows how to heal itself.  It's easy to get sucked into germ theory thinking because it is so prevalent.

Lunch today was papaya, soursop, banana, passion fruit, banana, and coconut.  None of us ate our soursop so John is going to blend them tomorrow.

I got a one hour sunbath and read in my lesson on the Hygienic Care of Children.  We had our consultations at 2:00.  I MAY have possibly lost 1/2 of a kilo.  My healing symptoms at this time are itchy kin, arthritis in the hands, swollen hands, and bad taste in my mouth.  As you begin to heal, the suppressed illnesses of the past show up more or less in reverse order.  I'm trying to remember when the arthritic feeling fingers manifested before.  I know I've felt it before, but I can't place when.  My nose is still sore.  Overall I feel good, though.

I got a little computer time in the afternoon.  John had a meeting in Cairns tonight and left here at 4:00.  Karen and I were on our own.  We fixed supper of tomato, avocado, cucumber, lime juice, grated carrot, and sauerkraut.  Karen has worked in a raw food restaurant, and she made a beautiful presentation of the food.  Her dream is to go to America and study to be a raw food chef.  We had dates and pecans to finish off our meal.

Karen and I got on the computer after supper.  Karen had to transfer some funds and then we looked at pictures of our families on Facebook.  I practiced flute a little while, and Karen practiced her guitar.

I found a tick on my neck tonight.  I had to get up with my flashlight and walk to the toilet so I could flush him away.

John told me a story today to illustrate how food is only a part of the healthy lifestyle.  He met a lady in the States who was a raw fooder.  She told him she did all the right things yet she was still sick all the time.  While traveling through Appalachia he passed through her town and stopped to visit her.  What he found was a house surrounded by trees and shrubbery so thick that no light could possibly get through the windows.  There was also a windowless basement in this house where the lady spent most of her time on a computer.  Doctor's diagnosis.  Sunshine is just as important as the food.  Get outside into the fresh air and sun.

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