Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smoking After-Effects?

I woke up early but stayed in bed until 7:00 because it is 49 degrees in my room!  BRRR!!

I did the exercises I talked to John about yesterday.  I used to do these exercises every morning, but am out of the habit now.  I did twists, toe touches, sun salutation, leg lifts, fake push ups....

This morning I put fertilizer and mulch on three trees and then I cleaned the office.  I had to go help John push the riding mower out of the tall grass he was mowing.  The mower died and had to be jump started.  While I was putting the wheel barrow and fertilizer up, I had a spell of asthma.
This mower cut grass taller than it is.

The doctor says the asthma is an after-effect of smoking.  Then, he says, the asthma is followed by emphysema.  In my situation, he says, we need to work on getting me to sweat.  I don't sweat very much, so I need to continue to work and exercise until I do begin to sweat.  He can't say how long that will take...3 months...6 months...  We'll have to wait and see.

Lunch was papaya, custard apple, avocado, banana, and coconut.

After lunch I got on the computer and answered my messages.  I didn't sunbathe, but I put on some shorts and sat in the sun and read for 30 minutes.

Consultations at 2:00.  Karen is on her second day of fasting.

I booked my room in Sydney.  I have decided to stay at Sydney Central Hostel.  I feel so BRAVE, staying at a hostel.  I can walk to Chinatown, so maybe I can find sugar cane drinks there!

I checked out my flights to Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns on Orbitz.  I want to compare the price with what John's travel agent can give me.

Karen taught me a couple of Yoga poses to use in my exercises this evening.

Supper was 3 lettuce leaves fresh from the garden, a tomato, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut, pecans, and two dates.  John thinks I can tour Australia for 26 days with $600.00 in my pocket.  I'm going to try it!

I practiced flute, studied Natural Hygiene, and bundled up for a cold winter night.

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