Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flute Duets

I had trouble going to sleep last night.  I was still awake at 10:00, but then I slept until 6:50 this morning.  I hurriedly dressed and went over to the computer room, but there was no satellite connection.  What a disappointment!

We cleaned the cabin for the new arrival who is coming in on Saturday.  I cleaned the shower and bathrooms, too.  Then I cleaned my own cabin.  I cleaned out my Lugable Loo and got it all freshened up.

Lunch was papaya, avocado, custard apple, mandarin, banana, and grated coconut.

I finished cleaning my room after lunch and then sun bathed for 40 minutes.

Consultations at 2:00.  Indentations on the edge of the tongue indicate starch poisoning.  Anyone with starch poisoning needs to eliminate grains.  Starch poisoning causes depression, psychosis, eczema, tuberculosis, and more.

I got on the computer for awhile this afternoon.  My timing is really off to talk to my family.  I studied my lesson until 4:30.

Supper was lettuce, tomato, avocado, lime juice, grated carrot, grated pumpkin, pecans and one date.

I have a new symptom that has re-appeared from many years ago.  It is a pain in the left side that feels like a stitch in the side from running hard.  I had this mysterious pain when I was in my 30's and was always fearful that I had cancer.  I was afraid to go to the doctor and afraid not to go.  That pain is back.  So that's good.  But it does hurt.

Tina came up after supper and we played flute duets until it got too dark to see...then we moved into the bathroom where there is a light and played a little more.  It was so much fun.  Tina is married to John's son, Jonathan.  They just moved onto the property.  Tina is from Germany, and she played flute in orchestra in Germany until she was nineteen years old.  She met Jonathon while traveling in New Zealand, and that is how she ended up here. 

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