Monday, July 11, 2011

Someone Has Been Smoking!

I dreamed I got a smallpox vaccination.  I was upset because I never intended to get another vaccination.  HSV was giving free vaccinations to the citizens, and they were lined up around the building to get their shots.  Then I developed a huge open sore on my stomach.  I was looking in the phone book for a doctor since I don't have a medical doctor anymore.  While trying to decide who to call I realized the sore would heal without the help of a doctor.  That's the end of the dream.

We talked at supper last night about how liberating it is to understand Nature Cure.  It takes away the fear of sickness and disease to a great extent.  When you understand that your symptoms are there to heal you, you stop responding as if you are being attacked by an enemy.  No more fear of epidemics, fevers, aches and pains, inflammations, etc.  God is the healer.  Our part is to co-operate by not getting in the way.
Be thankful for your illness.

I got on the computer for about 1-1/2 hours in the morning before I lost the broadband satellite connection.

Before going to work this morning I cleaned the toilets and picked a few cobbler's pins out of my jacket.

This morning we finished the framework over the vegetable bed.  Now we are working on putting wire fencing over the framework so we can attach the shade cloth.

When I had been here a week, John mentioned that he could smell someone had been smoking.  Since I was the only person here I quickly said, "It's not me."  This morning he said that he can smell nicotine being released from my body.  That's awesome, I guess, but I haven't smoked in 22 or 23 years.  He said my body is just now able to release it.  He is trying to impress on me that my little indiscretions can take weeks, months, or years to overcome.

Lunch today was papaya, avocado, delicious pineapple, sapadilla, tamarilla, and coconut.  I had a banana, but wasn't able to eat it.

It is better to eat foods one at a time, rather than mixing them together because when you eat them one at a time you can listen to your body tell you if it wants a particular food at this time.  It also keeps you from disguising a food you don't like with flavoring from something else.

Chinese restaurants use MSG which is a flavor enhancer.  MSG is also a poison.  If they didn't use the flavor enhancer you would realize the food does not taste good.  In the US the restaurants are allowed to say they do not use MSG if it is less than 99% pure MSG.  They just call it by a different name.

Karen, John and I went to Mareeba after lunch.  We picked up the goat milk.  This is our last week to get goat milk for awhile, because it is going to waste.  I won't eat cottage cheese, and it is too much for John to eat by himself.

We went in all the hardware/sporting goods stores in Mareeba so Karen could  look for a high quality camping mattress.  They are about $300.00.  She couldn't find on that was the quality she is looking for.  
So when I toured Australia, I can always say I saw the hardware stores of Mareeba!
Karen shopping for a camping mattress.
John drove me by Overflow so I could look for the young girl that collects American coins.  I let her have my $1.00 bill and about $3-4 worth of change.  She offered me $5.00 AUD.  I let her give me $2.00 AUD so that I will have enough money to pay for my laundry on Friday.

There was a street musician playing at the plaza and his partner was hula hoop dancing.  I videoed them performing Folsom Prison Blues.

We had a consultation with Karen.  She's lost three kilos in three days.  I've lost 0 kilos in three weeks.

Supper was lettuce, grated carrot, diced avocado, lime juice, sauerkraut, dates, and pecans.  We had a nice conversation at dinner about all the raw food teachers...Dan McDonald, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousins, Doug Graham, and more.  John says Paul Nison has become a Christian.  I need to check him out.

After dinner Karen and I had a visit about the state of the world.  I did my best to defend the U. S. gun laws and our right to bear arms.  I practiced my flute in the office tonight.  Tina was giving her kids showers in the shower room which is opposite the office.  She told me she plays the flute, too.  Her daughter is also learning to play.  We agreed to play some duets soon.  How awesome!

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