Sunday, July 10, 2011

Please Don't Call an Ambulance

I got up at 6:00 and dressed for work.  I got on the computer, but have only 11% battery power.  I don't know why it failed to charge yesterday.  I was able to Skype with my Momma.  She says she thinks I am working too hard!  Mom says she is keeping up with me by reading the blogs.  Travis prints them off for her.  She is having dinner with Molly and family tonight.   She looked really good.  Also, got to see Molly, Ken and Ashlyn before the computer shut itself down.

Ashlyn passed off one of her achievements in tumbling.  She was able to do a back bend and bring herself back up to a standing position on her own power!  Molly asked her how she was finally able to do it after working on it so long.  She said, "I imagined that Jan Jan was standing there when I stood up".

John hurt his knee somehow working here on the farm, so he decided to rest it today by building the framework on the vegetable beds for the protective mesh covering. I weeded one section of the Beach Cherries and then got recruited to help him with this construction project.  We measured the arches to find the approximate center and then the halfway points on each side.  He used a hand drill with a drill bit to drill holes in the scrap lumber we used for the framework.  Then it was held in place with old roofing screws.

John had a few times where he wobbled around up on the shaky ladder.  I said, "I am assuming if you fall off that ladder that you do not want me to call an ambulance".  He said most definitely not.   Then he told a story about how he had to strongly insist with some people in Sydney to keep them from calling an ambulance for him.  He had been running on a wet road to catch a ferry when he fell and hit the pavement face first.  He was hurt and bleeding.  People gathered around saying, "Call an ambulance."  "Get a doctor."  He told them, "Please don't.  Just let me sit here for a while and see what the situation is."  Finally everyone left him except one woman and one man.  These people are representative of the kindness that is found the world over.  The woman said she would stay until he was taken care of.  The man ended up driving him all the way across Sydney to where he was staying.

Lunch was papaya, avocado, pineapple, tamarillo, banana, and coconut.  I got a sunbath today and read my book.

We had our consultation with Karen.  She just stopped smoking 24 hours ago.

My computer charged up to 100% today. Woo Hoo.  Life's little pleasures!  So happy about that.  I got my lesson 41 Questions sent in.  I am starting a supplemental lesson on the Natural and Hygienic Care of Children.
John and Karen

I still weigh 57 kilos...same as I did when I got her.

Supper was tomato, avocado, grated carrot, lime juice, sauerkraut, 3 dates and pecans.

At supper we talked about the colloidal salts found in the sauerkraut vs the salts in their crystal form...such as sea salt or table salt.  The colloidal salts are in a form where we can utilize these necessary elements.  It is John's belief that salt in its crystallized form is harmful to us.

Karen came by my room for a few minutes for a chat after supper.  I showed her some of the lessons in the course I am studying.  She hopes to go to the U.S. to take a raw chef course at 105 Degrees.  We talked about the Findhorn Garden.  Then she told me about a self-sustaining organic community not too far from us called The Hermitage.  It is at Cedar Pocket, Australia near Gympie and Maleny.  It is owned by a lady named Pippa.  She said they have an impressive web-site.  


  1. I cannot believe that you are not losing weight, with all the exercise you are getting. Am I right to think that your farm work takes about 5 or 6 hours each day, mostly aerobic exercise that raises you heart rate? I know you are consuming two sizable meals, but it is all raw. Maybe you are at your perfect weight. It is puzzling to me. I was expecting you to drop weight and be a toothpick with 0 body fat. But I guess that wouldn't be healthy and what you are doing must be exactly what your body needs. Anyway, I'm wondering if John thinks you'll lose weight or if you're at your correct and healthy weight. Or are we simply too obsessed with weight and a number on the scale?

  2. I wouldn't be worried about the lack of weight loss. With all the work you are doing you are probably building lots more muscle! And remember muscle weighs more than fat. Also the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn just day to day. I love you and think you look wonderful and don't need to lose any weight. As long as you feel good and healthy that is enough. :)

  3. I'll proudly take the muscle! John says not to worry about the weight. Just because you are not losing weight does not mean changes are not taking place, he says. The farm work takes about 4 hours per day. I may be losing a little, I just can't tell on this antique scale that weighs in kilograms.