Thursday, July 21, 2011

Letter from Mom

I slept until 6:50.  It was too cold to get out from under the covers.  I checked to see if we had internet, but no, there was no 240v power.

I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen this morning.  Then I finished the fence row.  It's all mowed, and the plants are mulched.  It looks nice.  I like pushing the mower.

I grated the coconut for lunch.  John mixed sour sop and banana together in the food processor.  Lunch was papaya, soursop and banana, avocado, and grated coconut.

Karen and I sunbathed after lunch for about 45 minutes.  I put my hair in curlers and let my hair dry in the sun.  It still looks awful.  I have decided my best hair do is the 1970's Russian gymnast look....just hold everything down with hair clips or bobby pins.  That look is growing on me....starting to really like it.  I'll try it out tomorrow in Cairns.   I got to talk with Travis a little while on Skype.  He's getting ready for his sister, niece and family to arrive.   They are going to have fun, I know.

I got a letter from my Mom today.  She is vey concerned about the python.  She told me to stay away from the snake...that it will squeeze the life out of me.  She told me to get John to kill it.  I told John what she said.

Consultations were at 2:00.  There is a hard tiny little knot behind my ear where the ear lobe meets the skull.  John says it is a lymph gland.  Something is leaving my body from that point.  The doctor says it may improve my hearing when it's done.  I hope so!

John and I discussed my plans for September.  He says I need to book my flights.  I'm going to Melbourne 9/4 through 9/11; sydney 9/11 through 9/18; and Brisbaine 9/18 through 9/25.  I'll be staying with a friend of John's in Melbourne and with John's son in Brisbaine.  I don't have anyone to stay with in Sydney.  John is suggesting a hostel, but I don't think I can do that.  Maybe I'll look for an affordable hotel instead.  I'll probably stay in Cairns from 9/25 through 9/29.  John returns from the UK on 9/29.

Supper was tomato, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans and dates.  We talked about Audrey Hepburn tonight.  I think Sabrina is my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie.  I practiced flute, got everything ready for early morning departure to Cairns, studied lesson and read.

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  1. You should see if you can find some photos of some hostels for your trip. The difference is likely to be whether you meet some other people or not. Remember how it was at my house in Salt Lake City? Weren't there several guests? Except hostels wouldn't serve the big meals like we had. It's hard to know what to do. Take more photos of your hair.