Monday, July 18, 2011

Germ Theory vs Cellular Theory

Bacteria are not the source of illness.

There were two French researchers who were contemporaries, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp.  Bechamp was a highly esteemed scientist.  Many say Pasteur borrowed much of his research from Bechamp's work.  Bechamp discovered the microzyma in the blood.  When a body accumulates toxins or waste matter, the microzyma become germs or bacteria that go in to clean up the waste.  They are the "street cleaners".  When they are no longer needed, they disappear.  According to the cellular theory a healthy body is the focus.  Pasteur, on the other hand, concluded that germs cause diseases and every disease has a particular germ that causes it.  According to the germ theory every germ must be fought against and eliminated.  The commercial interests got behind Louis Pasteur and all of medicine and even alternative medicine bases their reasoning on this theory.  But is it true?

Sometimes it seems like germs cause us to get sick, and we "catch" something from some one, but it is really because we also have within our system the accumulated toxins and body waste.  If we were clean and healthy inside, the germs would not infect us.

To understand this is to be free at last from the germ bogey-man.  Even in cases of acute infectious disease, people in ordinary health have the same germs in their bodies.  The germs become active when the conditions of the body require it (low vitality and a body clogged with waste material).  In a healthy, clean person, they are harmless.

In no instance has a germ been the primal cause of a disease.  The use of medicines to fight germs has done much harm.  And the obsession with illogical germ theory has retarded medical advancement. (Paraphrased from Dr. Beddow-Bayly)

Professor Pettenkofer swallowed a test tube of cholera germs before his class to illustrate his disbelief in germ theory to his students.  He said, "Germs are of no account in cholera.  The important thing is the disposition of the individual."

The germ theory is full of inadequacies and yet all of modern medicine is built on it.  To look for germs and other outside agents as the cause of disease is to turn away from the possibility of understanding the true nature and cause of disease.  The proof is found by looking at the health of our nation.

Bechamp's research, on the other hand, points to basic and fundamental causes of every disease...a body clogged with waste materials and impurities.  Except in cases of shock, injury, or medical intervention the causes will be 1) improper diet; 2) improper care of the body; 3) wrong lifestyle which causes enervation and exhaustion such as worry, fear, overwork, excesses, sexual abuse, environmental difficulties; 4) heredity.
These conditions determine what form the disease will take in the individual.

No matter what form the disease takes the underlying causes are identical.  The symptoms are superficial.

Nature Cure doctors get "miraculous" results because they understand the unity of disease.  They are not overwhelmed by a thousand different symptoms.  They go directly to the root of the trouble and so are able to cure people.  The medical approach attempts to get rid of superficial symptoms and never addresses the real trouble at all.

Disease is nature's attempt at healing.  Disease is not something to be fought against.  Disease is the result of our own mistakes, and the body is trying to rectify them.  Disease is nature's attempt at a cure.  The body is trying to deal as best as it can with the conditions that are impeding function.

Medical people often think they are curing disease by suppressing symptoms and stopping nature's work.  In natural treatment there is humility that all I can do is help nature do her work.

The two philosophies are:
1.  Disease happens by bad luck, accident, or chance.  Germs enter the body from outside and have to be fought against and defeated.
2.  All disease comes from within the body.  It is self-generated by mistakes and errors of living.  Disease is nature's attempt at self-healing.

Every tree is known by its fruit.  The fruits of orthodox medical philosophy are all around us.  There is an increase in chronic diseases and plagues of "flu", the majority of people on medications every day.

-Loosely based on an article by Harry Benjamin entitled "The Fallacious Germ Theory:.

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