Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunshine Today!

I woke up with itching skin...legs, arms, neck, head.  The doctor says not to scratch.  If you break the skin, it's harder to heal.

My first job was to weed some more in the Jaboticabas, but that got cut short as I was needed to help cut the vine off the fence around the new pineapple patch.  It was quite a job.  While I was doing that John was cutting back the Ceylon Spinach.  I got all the vine off the inside of the fence then John decided it needed to come off the outside also so that it wouldn't grow back so quickly.

Ben came by for a few minutes and told us he had seen a python in the tree at the end of the new pineapple bed.  I decided we needed to mow around there before I started pulling the vines off the outside of the fence.  I ran the mower then John ran the weed-eater.

My next job was to run the mower over the pile of weeds we pulled out of this patch.  This took the rest of the morning.  It had to be turned several times and passed over many times with the mower.  In the meantime, John was bringing in wheelbarrows full of top soil to build up the new pineapple bed.

Two new rain tanks were delivered today.  One will be used to water the avocados.  The other is going to another house here on the property.  Almost every rural home has a large rain tank beside the house. Water is always in short supply in Australia, so everyone collects rainwater.  FYI - Rainwater is perfectly safe to drink.

My lunch was papaya, mandarin orange, avocado, and grated coconut.  I didn't want my banana or most of my coconut.

We had sunshine today!  After lunch I got on my swimsuit to catch some rays.  I finished my lesson on vaccinations while sunning and then just laid out until almost 2:00.

When sunbathing you should lie with your feet towards the sun.  You don't want the sun shining directly on your head.  Your head and the nape of your neck should be covered with a towel or kerchief or cap. (This only applies to sunbathing....not if you are working or moving around in the sun.)  Do not use any sun products on the skin.

Another issue came up today.  This was a special case of a young nursing mother wanting to improve her diet.  John was impressing upon her that any changes must be very gradual while nursing.  When you improve your diet with raw foods your body will begin detoxing.  Although this can be painful people can handle it without any problems, but it can be a serious problem for the nursing infant.  John's advise was for the nursing mother to mix 50% raw with 50% cooked food as long as she is nursing.

Supper was tomato, avocado, grated carrot, lime juice, sauerkraut, and pecans.  After supper I practiced my flute, rolled my hair, journaled, blogged and read.  I am sleeping about 10 hours now.

That's it for now.  Stay safe and be happy.

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