Friday, July 8, 2011

Straight Hair

We left for Cairns at 4:00 a.m. and went to Rusty's Market to buy our produce.  I saw some eggplants today that were the brightest purple I had ever seen in a plant.

John introduced me to a lady at the market named Carol.  Carol is from New York but has lived in Cairns for about 30 years.  She eats raw and looks great.  She was all over the market buying produce and taking it to her car then back again into the market to buy more.  She bought $20.00 worth of bananas from John, and she was so excited thinking about all the minerals in these bananas.

I checked Facebook and wrote my blog on the computer at the radio station.  I got to chat with Linda Morris and Cathie Tillery, too, which was a pleasure.

After John recorded his program, we went back to Rusty's for a sugar cane drink - yum yum!  Then we went to Essence of Organics for pecans.

Next we went to pick up our clothes at the laundromat.  This lady at the laundromat does a marvelous job.  You can do your own laundry here, but for $12.00 a load she will wash, dry, fold, and package it all up for you so nicely.  She irons for people, too.  Then we went to another store for sauerkraut.

The radio station is in Raintree Centre.  I decided to spend my time here today instead of going downtown.  A beauty salon had a sign - Shampoo, Cut, & Style $28.00.  I had a girl named Carlie shampoo, blow dry, and flat iron my hair, then lightly trim.  My bill $70.00.  I guess at those prices I'll be back to curly hair as soon as it rains.  My bill says, Ladies Cut $28.00, Extra Charge $20.00 (that is for the flat ironing), Extra Charge $15.00 ( I don't know what that is for).  Subtotal $63.00.  Cash $70.00.   Change $7.00  But I didn't get $7.00 change.  In fact, she told me my bill was $70.00.  The $7.00 must have been her tip.  Only John says there is no tipping in Australia.  Neither does sales tax show on the bill.  Everything is included in the price of the good and services.

I had lunch at the radio station...papaya, custard apple, avocado, banana, pecans and dates.  And a kiwi I found on the floor by the broken down boxes at Rusty's Market.

After lunch I shopped at the Raintree Centre with the little money I had left.  I mailed my post cards and  bought coat hangers, note cards, ink pens, a rag rug to put by my door for $2.50, and an Australian t-shirt for $4.00 at the Red Cross Op Store.  I bought two books at The Red Cross Store.  I got Fit for Life not Fat for Life by Harvey Diamond.  And I got The Heavenly Man which is the true story of Christian Brother Yun and the house churches of China.  Now I have $11.75 left.  

This may be the last week that John does the afternoon broadcast, so my long days in Cairns may be over.

We had a discussion about the removal of skin lesions.  This is only attacking the symptom and does nothing to address the cause.  I asked the question, " Can you buy yourself some time by removing a skin cancer while you are changing your lifestyle?"  Answer -  No.  It only adds to the trauma the body is dealing with. Changing the lifestyle is the natural treatment.

We went up to see Ben and Sarina's new house.  It's not finished, but they are moving in.  I met Charlie, a neighbor who lives on the property, and who is the builder for this house.  Ben got there just as we were leaving, so we got out and visited a few minutes.  Then John's son, Jonathan arrived, and I got to meet him.
The new house.

Charlie - When I told Charlie I liked the house, he smiled and said, "I like it, too.  It's me own design".

John and Jonathan

I had about an hour on the computer when I got back to the farm.  Supper was lettuce, tomato, avocado, lime juice, and sauerkraut.  I practiced flute, journaled and read until sleepy.

Be healthy and happy.


  1. What a story about the $28 shampoo and style that cost $70! It's not like they speak a second-language. I would have argued, of course. Style=flat iron. Flat ironing is a lot easier than having to roll it, dry it, and then style it. It's even easier than blow drying it and styling it with a brush while it is drying. That doesn't make any sense. Of course, I'm preaching to the choir when I say this. What in the world is her definition of styling? I like your curly hair more and more and more. What did it look like when you rolled it? And tell me again why you can't flat-iron your hair in the computer room where the plug-ins are, especially if you had a door mirror or even just a little mirror. Is there enough wattage for it? I don't know if you remember this hair product or not, but if you can find Infusion spray (clear liquid), you put it on wet hair and scrunch your hair up while it is wet and make it curlier and curlier without rolling it. Just don't ever comb it or brush it. The more you can scrunch it the better. If you can't find Infusion, I can mail you enough to last through the next few months. It won't take much to mail it or long to get there. Let me know.

  2. I bought a flat iron before I left home that is dual certified for 110 and 240 volt. When I plug it in here, though, it won't heat up. I don't know if it is because of the solar power or what. I was very disappointed about that. Yes...I think I am going to have to go with the curly look. I've not ever heard of infusion spray. I'll look for it. I bought a mousse for curly hair that is supposed to make it curl better, too. I won't be going back to the beauty shop here unless I get a firm quote ahead of time.

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