Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mareeba Rodeo

During the night I had many healing symptoms like I am close to a healing crisis.  A healing crisis will be the time to begin fasting.  During the night, I felt sick, headache, stiff neck, sore nose, sore tongue, bad taste in the mouth, kidney pain, lower back pain, arthritic and swollen fingers.  At 6:00 a.m. I felt better, but the symptoms were still there.

There was no 240 volt this morning, thus no computer.  I went back to bed and read a book.  I showered and washed my goodbye straight hair....hello curly hair.  Today was a day of rest.  I worked on getting more cobbler's pins out of my jacket and reading.

John was in Cairns for the day, so Karen and I prepared lunch.  We had papaya, pineapple, sapadilla.  I cracked the coconut and shredded it with the coconut shredder.  We crack the coconut by beating it on the edge of the cement porch.  Once it cracks, we catch the coconut water in a bowl and everyone gets a drink of the coconut water right out of the bowl.  A coconut half is then grated into the rest of the coconut water.  The other half is saved until the next day.  It will be grated without any coconut water.  Karen made us a wonderful dessert - layer of mashed banana, layer of chopped pineapple, layer of mashed banana, layer of shredded coconut, layer of pecans.

John was late getting in today.  He was to pick up a client at the airport.  Her flight was delayed for two hours, so he waited in Cairns for it to arrive.  When the plane landed, he waited until the last person from the flight was gone and she didn't show up.  It's a mystery.

Supper was lettuce, tomato, avocado, lime juice, sauerkraut, pecans and 2 dates.

We discussed John's diet during dinner tonight.  He eat's the foods he does because they supply the nutrition he needs in the simplest form.  It keeps his life simple and avoids stress.  The foods are simple to buy and simple to prepare.  The green leaves are almost a complete food in themselves.  Dates, also, are almost a complete food.  John includes cottage cheese and kefir from raw, organic milk in his diet.

If someone does not like sauerkraut, yogurt could be used to supply the probiotics as long as it is made from raw, organic milk.  I love the 360 brand of sauerkraut from Whole Foods.  I plan to find a good source for cheese when I get home.

I got John's approval on making a salad dressing with lemon juice, olive oil, honey, and herbs from the garden.  Vinegar is not to be used in food.

Jonathon, Tina, Leon and Sky from next door picked me up at 5:00, and we went to Mareeba to the rodeo.  There was a small midway and a rodeo arena.  Price of admission was $30.00.  Leon, who is seven, was looking forward to the bull-riding.  That was the last thing on the program for the day.  It was so much fun being in an arena with Australian cowboys.  We sat by a man whose son is a 16-year-old bull-rider.  He is sending his son to America next year to work with a former rodeo champion so he can possibly make it on the rodeo circuit in the United States.
The midway at the Mareeba Rodeo.

The rodeo arena.

Here I am at the Mareeba Rodeo.

Man in blue plaid shirt is father of 16-yr old bull-rider.

I went into a pirate spooky house with Tina and Leon.  It was one guy inside with a scary mask and a flashlight.  As our little car made it around the track, he would turn on the light and put his face up close to ours.  That cost us $8.00 each.

We got home at 10:20.  That's a late night for the Clohesy River Health Farm.

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