Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking the Fast

I was all prepared to go another day on the fast when John showed up at lunch with a cup of orange juice.  I relished it.  Took about a quarter of it with a little spoon, then took a shower and did some hand laundry before going back to my room to slowly enjoy the rest of it.  It was delicious.

I caught up on my letter writing today and have four letters ready to mail in Cairns on Friday.  I won't be able to make the trip, but John will mail them for me.

I had a good consultation with John today.  We talked about the healing...which will continue, but at a slower rate outside of the fast.  The body deals with physical and psychological issues as it heals.  It's all fascinating to me.

I almost have all the cobblers pins out of my jacket.  Hopefully, it will be ready to go with me when I start traveling.  It's fairly warm in the north of Australia, but it is cold in south Australia.  I'm going to need lots of layers.

I'm still having asthma, and I am tired.  So that's it for now.

Stay healthy and happy.

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